Day 17: WAKE UP call

www.katiefreiling.com / If you look at the state of the world today, it can be overwhelming, depressing, hopeless, or just make you plain nervous for what the future holds. We’re in the middle of every kind of crisis imaginable… environmental, economic, violence/war, health, education, etc. We could easily say that as a country and as a planet, we’ve hit an extreme LOW… maybe even rock bottom. There are also many people in the world who are experiencing personal “lows” in their lives…struggling with finances, family issues, relationships, health, lack of purpose, health problems, etc. But here’s the GOOD NEWS… whenever we hit a low in life, that can be the catalyst we need to WAKE UP to what’s no longer working (either in our personal lives or in the world) and start creating what we really DO want. The wake up call is here… Please watch this entire video to learn more about what this means for your life and for the planet. Would LOVE to hear from you! Please share your thoughts, feelings, or ideas below. And please share this message with anyone who needs to hear it today. Thank you ­čÖé With love, Katie Freiling

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  1. humanyoda says:

    In support of what I wrote a week ago, I want to add in youtube.com/watch?v=Ooa98FHuaU0, the author shows FBI’s stats, according to which the rate of violent crime in the USA has dropped 50 per cent in the last 20 years.

    As Abraham-Hicks like to say, what you perceive depends on what you focus on. If one desires to feel sad, s/he will always´╗┐ find a reason for it.

  2. humanyoda says:

    Oh, Katie, people´╗┐ have felt lows since the beginning of time! Violence, poverty, illnesses, deaths, etc. There’s nothing new about any of this. The world has actually been becoming a better place to live. Well, the non-Muslim world, at least.

  3. namastemedia says:

    Great video Katie. It’s all so true. Lows´╗┐ can be highs.

  4. Tony M Crane says:

    This is couldn’t be anymore PERFECT timing with this message! I think that why tomorrow (Friday)December 21st is the day of new beginning for the world as well as myself. Even though I’ve been on a spiritual path for two years, I ‘m still wrestling with going to get a full-time job or a finding a job that allows me to work less and enjoy life more including traveling and doing things I’ve been dreaming to´╗┐ do! Thank you again Katie, maybe this could be my WAKE UP call!

  5. msamiglow says:

    YOU’RE AMAZING!´╗┐ I love you. You are illuminating and inspiring *SOOOO* many people! I am so inspired by you angel! I love you Katie!!!! ­čśÇ thank you for being authentic
    <3 meg

  6. maransoftware says:

    Hi, I am at a pretty low point. My wife passed in 2009, I lost my job 2 months ago and I’m at a point where I’m saying what now? I don’t really want to go back into the software industry but I’m 46 not sure what else to do. I´╗┐ like your video.

  7. Jerry Bixman says:

    Timely message´╗┐ great delivery. Observation, when you speak from the heart your voice is void of any “Valley Girl” infections.

  8. Nolan Kelly says:

    Thank you! Yes! I just played a song about this, completely free-style, and got on youtube. Your video was the first I´╗┐ watched. Life’s playful. Haha

  9. AbracadAldroun says:

    find adventure based on a hobby that isnt centered around money or the need of´╗┐ it for expensive equipment or gear. take risks and forget about the moeny and all that you own while doing it. climb a mountain go spelunking or survey strange lands or travel through the orient with only bare neccessities and the good will of mankind alone.while recording everything interesting and all things while learning the oral and non-mainstream history and legends and investigate them.

  10. vaXzine says:

    smash through /ll barriers.. let thee´╗┐ rivher flovv~~~

  11. William Baranowski says:

    Fantastic timing on this one, Katie. When we all wake up on the 22nd, we need to make it a new, more beautiful World, one day at a´╗┐ time and give it our best effort and most powerful, productive energy each day, thereafter. Thanks for all you’re doing to add to the enlightenment, Katie.

  12. Cooper1970 says:

    My intention is to leave my current job and find something on my own. ´╗┐ But I still have not figured out what that is!!! Peace.

  13. FastPips says:

    I’m at´╗┐ the low here now too. Good video, thanks.

  14. Casey Millerborg says:

    Great video. I feel as if I’m in the same spot right now as a low point. I just moved all the way to Carlsbad California from Dallas by my self so I can walk again and everything is not working out like I thought it was.´╗┐

  15. venicestu says:

    I enjoy the vids, but I wish you didn’t hold the camera so close. I don’t want to look down your throat or up your nose, just my issue I guess. Your eyes look clear with no sign of lymph stagnation or digestion issues. Keep eating what ever your eating, which is mainly´╗┐ what :)???

  16. vseae15o says:

    I applaud you Californians´╗┐ for being the most aware bunch of individuals in the union.

    That being said, people also need to be reminded that they are what they eat. Eat well, healthy and learn from history. Cardiovascular disease weren’t as common so we need to ask why. A better health grows a happier person.

  17. SBARTSTV says:

    I like your´╗┐ videos

  18. jtwebman says:

    For me it is never the low. Things are going great for me. The issue is I want to push forward´╗┐ out of the comfort zone but when everything is going great it can be much harder to do. How do you keep yourself motivated to keep pushing yourself now that everything is going great. How do you get to that next step?

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