Day 10: Living your vision

www.katiefreiling.com / In today’s video, I answer a couple questions from the “Ask Katie” episode I posted a few days ago about how to live your vision. Thoughts? Feedback? Would love to hear your vision as well ­čÖé

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  1. gretemx says:

    Beautiful´╗┐ vision

  2. Vigneswari R says:

    i wish to be an author cum musician. I have already written my´╗┐ first book. Its called follow your heart

  3. avg iQ says:

    Hi´╗┐ Katie, are you vegan?

  4. KatieFreiling says:

    Awesome!´╗┐ Thank you!

  5. KatieFreiling says:

    Thank you!´╗┐

  6. KatieFreiling says:

    Amen!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  7. KatieFreiling says:

    Thank you Angelica! I really appreciate hearing this and that we are´╗┐ so aligned!

  8. KatieFreiling says:

    Beautiful Debby. Thank you for sharing!´╗┐

  9. KatieFreiling says:

    Feeling your heart! Thanks´╗┐ for sharing Tony!

  10. Tony M Crane says:

    Being in the present moment..check! Having a direction of what will be ..check! Not being attached to details of that goal..check! Trusting the flow..check! Show up and take action..BIG Check on that! And Katie, your core vision of the future is similar to mine..can’t see what I looks like´╗┐ yet but I trust it will develop in it’s own time. Thank you as always Katie! From my <3 to yours.

  11. Debby Beachy says:

    Hi Katie, 2012 has been a year of letting go. Letting go of relationships that no longer serve me, letting go of businesses that no longer serves me, letting go of fears that hold me back, letting go of worries´╗┐ and negative emotions. Amazing what you said, trusting the process even when outwordly it dosen’t make sense. I know my life is guided by God every step of the way staying connected to my source and living each minute as it comes. My life has a plan and I”m going for it!

  12. Angelica King says:

    You are very inspiring! I was brought to tears when you talked about your Vision because it is similar to mine. Thank you so very much for being so open´╗┐ and so real. You are definitely helping others to Awaken and to feel more comfortable being themselves. : )

  13. vaXzine says:

    ITz all alignINg.. ur heart wide-openINg (((o))) activating th33 pre-sent essence.. unifyINg into th33 currency ov love.. 93.. as RE/Lity.. dreamz INside ov dreamz.. everXsPANdINg SOLar fractality.. inspirITing otHers to inspirIT otHers.. to lift th33 illumINa.. IHVH.. thee fire, thee water, thee air,´╗┐ thee earth.. healher.. all withIN her.. thee father, thee mother, thee son, thee daughter.. elohim.. aloha.. ELectroMAGneticka.. hermoonEYEzed th33 Fr33Qu33nS33z.. k33p goINg.. 93.93/93

  14. 808galaxy says:

    Thank you, Katie. Nobody could have given a more enlightening answer. So let’s endeavor to stay rooted in Being while engaged in´╗┐ doing….

  15. KluKluxKLAM says:


  16. KluKluxKLAM says:

    when you started these videos i didntt know your idea but i on my own began drinkin which i don’t do often so i guess i been trying to follow´╗┐ you in meditation

  17. FastPips says:

    Another´╗┐ good vid. ­čÖé

  18. JorySkewes says:

    Very good and informative. ´╗┐

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