David Wood’s Empower Network Emerges!

David Wood’s Empower Network Emerges!

Article by Tawn Smith

I was in Orlando this past weekend hanging out with master marketers David Wood and David Sharpe who are in the process of releasing one of the most revolutionary daily income systems that I have ever seen. I am one of the luck ones to actually witness the power of the Empower Network before it hits the public in the next week or so. We literally had 60-70 people packed in their hotel room every single night and we all had to signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement before entering the room.

The vision these two guru marketers have is bigger then themselves. They are tired of seeing people struggle in this industry and want to do something about it. You see, many people fail and quit our industry because of lack of cash-flow, training, and guidance. The Empower Network enables us to get paid like an expert by leveraging the marketing experience and skills of some of the highest paid masterminds in our industry. They predict that there will be people making well over ,000 in their first 30 days inside the network and it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a jedi master.

So What Is The Empower Network Business?

The Platform:The Empower Network is a viral blogging and marketing system for beginners as well as advanced marketers. The system is graphically designed and is very well put together. All the technical stuff has been done for you to avoid frustration and being overwhelmed. Instead of building everything from scratch, now you can start creating content right out the gate to achieve maximum results or like Daegan Smith would say, “Maximum Leverage.”

The Training:The membership includes an 8-part training series full of video tutorials that walk you through the entire process. All the core elements are in place so you can put yourself on the fast track to profits with the Empower Network.

Sales Funnel:What more can you ask for, as sales funnel that can increase conversions if implemented correctly. I mean really, David Wood and David Sharpe are excellent copywriters and we all know they can sell a shit load! The exciting thing is, you don’t have to stress about creating it yourself.

…Instant 100% Commissions:You heard right, 100% COMMISSIONS! You will never have to wait a month for your money. You will receive huge commissions deposited straight to your bank account by the day, hour, and even by the minute when somebody becomes a new member of Empower Network.

Why Did I Join Empower Network?

The answer to this question is so easy it’s not even funny.- Having 100% commissions directly deposited into your bank daily, hourly ….even by the minute.- Having the authority to recruit on demand without ever picking up the phone.- Being in total and absolute control of the money you make and how fast it hits your bank account.


Ladies and Gentlemen, understand that the Empower Network isn’t another useless program to be sold on. The true purpose of this system is to provide you a simple process that makes you the most money in the quickest way possible to ensure your business succeeds. Like my friend David Wood would say, JUST GET IN AND TEAR IT UP!

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