David Wood vs. John W. Loftus: Does God Exist? (Part Two)

Does God exist? Get the facts in this debate between former atheist David Wood (Acts 17) and former Christian minister John W. Loftus (Debunking Christianity). http://acts17.net/
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  1. Dio Rex says:

    John W. Loftus is a porn addict!

  2. Owen Osula says:

    But with the complexity argument, someone can object and say the concept of
    “complexity” is one wrought in the intellectual mind on how we make
    intelligible the occurrences in our world. But it is in no way indicative
    of the real world. We see complexity in plants and animals and we also see
    it in the order of planets and how they move in intricate patterns. But
    disorder is a concept that is vague because we never witnessed a disorderly
    universe, so we have nothing to compare an orderly universe with a
    disorderly universe. If this is the case, then to posit that complexity
    equals design is not correct because in order to make that move, you must
    prove the existence of a disorderly universe, and since you cannot for the
    time being, it would not be correct to say that complexity equals design.

  3. Owen Osula says:

    The argument that David Wood gives about God’s infinite knowledge for him
    not supplying us reasons why we suffer evil is weak. In the Bible, God
    killed David’s first-born child with Bathsheba and the reason was because
    of David’s sin in killing Uriah and marrying his widowed-wife Bathsheba. If
    this is the case, then human beings can “possibly” know why evil occurs in
    their life because God can tell them like in the case of David. If this is
    the case, then why would God tell David about his suffering rather than
    another person? And if they answer that God has infinite knowledge and we
    cannot possibly know these highly complicated reasons, then they are
    speaking nonsense, instead it would be better to suggest that God does not
    have to tell the person if he does not feel it is conducive towards the
    plan that he has for the person, a good plan, thus making his silence a
    morally sufficient reason for not giving a reason for his suffering for the
    particular sufferer.

  4. Nelly Suzuki says:

    Atheism is non-existent to the “Theory of the non-existence” G-d. It Is a
    hidden wounds of oneself which rejects, blames and seizes to come to the
    gnostic of “Who am I” Whom Is.

  5. jacopman says:

    complexity points to design?

    Foolish minds……………….a snow flake??

    Wake up Wood……..

  6. Agustinus Biotamalo Lumbantoruan says:

    David has Saint Augustine spirit!

  7. Robert W says:

    there is little monster inside thAt are hungRy thats how we get our
    nutrition bacteria breaks down food into its smaller constuituents and
    elements so we can absorb and utilize them they outnumber us like 20 billon
    to one if your healty anti-biottics dont knwo good or bad so always use a
    probiotic afterwards 

  8. Agustinus Biotamalo Lumbantoruan says:

    I think John treated religion as a trend. If the trend of the world
    religion is child sacrifice, then let’s go have child sacrifice in our
    religion i.e. jewish or christian religion.

  9. Agustinus Biotamalo Lumbantoruan says:

    @marccallinan God told them to do it and didnt say to continue do this
    killing neighbour activity throughout generations and do it to other race
    or tribe. You should also see the whole picture why would God told
    Israelite to kill that particular tribe…. ask your self what is wrong
    with that tribe to Israel people?

  10. mohammad amin says:

    Jesus is god 

  11. Agustinus Biotamalo Lumbantoruan says:

    God told mankind to conquer the world! That mean to learn, explore and
    master the world He made for us. Why would he tell you the answer why we
    have the capability given from Him to conquer the world?

  12. Coriann29 says:

    makes your blood boil doesn’t it? not good for atheists with high blood

  13. Brian Hinson says:

    I can’t help but think that arguing from the absurd in order to prove the
    existence of God, is to make God absurd? I mean really? An alien could be
    highly influencing our thinking this very moment? and this is the argument
    to help prove God? (shaking my head in disbelief).

  14. 2nDoppelganger says:

    When he made his “does John Loftus” exist he pretty much just disproved God

  15. Chad Weirich says:

    sorry for the ad hominem…his ignorance pisses me off

  16. vicachcoup says:

    @Mkvine Ignoring the first line, I get your point. I think what I foundmore
    interesting than your comment was the number of thumbs up you got for it.
    Perhaps you have merely provided a channel for that anti-Islamic sentiment
    I was talking about.

  17. Waseem Amin says:

    this guys allso dum. he sai logic sweet. and logic shows. that yh thre is
    god. but the person rightting the bible is rong. as there is no historcal
    evdince for the flood of noah in history at all. never happend mate. its
    one thing saying. maybe. meening there might had been . but saying the
    whole would was under water ect. did not happen adeup thos the bible is
    ruled out. whats next? david woods makes some very kids aggments putting
    words into the other persons mouth. patic

  18. Steven Garmon says:

    @HonestTechnoAtheist God doesnt make anyone want to punch anyone else, its
    people’s own heart. Thats like if someone made a gun and sold it. Then the
    person who bought it killed someone else. Then you say, the guy who made it
    is responsible! When it was obviously the person who put the gun to bad
    use. This is the same thing with our soul and how we use it in the medium
    of our bodies. I never said dont question things. Please dont put words in
    my mouth. I said God is infinite, therefore he could

  19. Xenophile665 says:

    David Wood is a talented speaker. His ambiguity and obfuscation are the
    best I’ve heard to date.

  20. Mkvine says:

    @vicachcoup I don’t know what your talking about. I actually respect many
    Islamic beliefs and scholars. However, I’m not afraid to call a spade a
    spade. Perhaps you are tapping into the current walt disney watered down
    version of Islam instead of actually reading the sources. It’s cool to
    remain ignorant right? 🙂

  21. marccallinan says:

    i like the way he says that god said not to kill each other, not mentioning
    when god gave a populated city to his followers and told them to go kill
    everyone that lived there and take it for their own.

  22. buktomsin says:

    @mrstevenjake22 Actually, I think you’ve utilized the same technique in
    which jee-zues got converts 😀 Good job bro. Oh yea srry, forgot the
    grammar police were on duty D:

  23. Coriann29 says:

    are you a deist? im an atheist but i respect deists as logical human beings
    who are not so blinded by their own faith that they can’t even acknowledge
    what questions have been asked them and see everything as an attack from
    the devil

  24. vicachcoup says:

    @Mkvine Ignorance. A selective view on reality. Saying that muslims don’t
    have refreshing debates is a very selective take on reality. I am sure we
    can both find umpteen posts on youtube to back our opinions. Put simply –
    there are idiots and intellects in every camp. If you want to see the
    idiots and use that to tar the rest then that is true ignorance and
    prejudice. And some people prefer that to the truth.

  25. Steven Garmon says:

    @HonestTechnoAtheist There are different types of chemotherapy. Some dont
    hurt at all but others cause extreme nauseousness, vomiting, fatigue,
    diarrhea that are pretty much nonstop. My grandfather was not talking about
    the cancer. Once again your logic is flawed. If the chemo didnt hurt my
    grandfather then he would have WANTED to continue it. However, ill try to
    articulate this one more time so you can properly understand. The argument
    is not even about chemotherapy. You said “what kind of

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