David Wood vs. Ali Ataie: “Who Was Muhammad?” (PART 4)

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  1. Eric Donofrio says:

    okay… now all you Muslims listen close… plain an simple are son of god
    JESUS was a peaceful man…. he did not lead army even in self defence…
    example when the Romans came for him he deliberately gave himself up saying
    its my time…….think of this…Jesus appears in the bible,tora and the
    quran…Mohamed ONLY THE QURAN……….. some may say yah but mohamed came
    after Christ… yea i know but guess what not a word of his coming was ever
    mentioned NOT ONE……. Are Christ doesnt rape young girls 9 years or
    younger….. And what miracles has your Mohamed done what miracles to be
    called the son of GOD…. you Muslims have a FALSE SAVIOR…HE MAY have
    been a messanger but NOT THE SON OF ALLLLLLLLLA AAALLLLRIGHTT. Now look at
    your countries now look at them really why they are following the JIHAD
    word of the quran look where that is taking your people… JUST LOOK…
    none sense … 

  2. lmaoyourekiddingme says:

    “Alleged Hadith” the guy has never read Bukhari, therefore he is in no
    position to say Muhammad never hit her.

    He’s drawing from select biographies – including 20th century ones I
    recognize in front of him – while he trashes Wood for using early sources,
    to claim Muhammad’s character was spotless.

    That he’s not aware of the hadith that shows Muhammad hitting her so hard
    she was trying to catch her breath only shows the lack of actual research
    he’s done into the religion.

    Luckily I bumped into this data such as in Bukhari before I embraced Islam
    because I VERY seriously considered embracing it in 1996 until I looked at
    the other arguments against Islam to compare if they were substantive.

    They are and Islam is disgusting.

    The verse of Muhammad hitting Aisha exists, I’ve seen it. There’s also
    another narration in Bukhari in which a woman complains to Muhammad her
    husband beat her so hard she had green bruises and Muhammad said nothing of
    it other than to take his side against her.


  3. sergio constanza says:

    Israel an apartheid state ? What a potz !

  4. rashid khan says:

    in the last Moment… Ali just acted like mohammed ali (boxer)… he
    thrashed david woods…with his words… i think mr. david’s philosophy
    didnt worked out….! 

  5. Frisco Sanry says:

    Ali can’t debate with dignity. He arguments filled with point finger and
    mocking at Christianity and David himself. I consider him as a bully in
    this debate. 

  6. Debbie S. says:

    This is the best Islam can offer?

  7. GXSRpreper1 says:

    What I have learned from this debate is that ali is a very goob talker, he
    can sure talk nonsense. …but the guy is al talk…..this debate is about
    muhammad not about Christianity yet ali seems to forget why he is here
    tonight. …ali doesn’t bring evidence to back hours talk. …yet…david
    backs his argument with pure facts…..its sad Muslims have no good

  8. Saxophone and Clarient - Austral says:

    The bible is against risking your life in presumption, But if you are
    tricked and someone puts poison in your drink and this is while they are
    doing God’s work, God can perform a miracle and save them.

  9. 2012stvn says:

    is the debate about mohamed of christian theology ?
    Where is the moderator ?

  10. Jay Scrim says:

    You know you have lost a debate when you resort to pointing figures at
    another faith to justify the crummy things in your own faith 

  11. Jasho Beam says:

    Zec_5:3 Then saidH559 he untoH413 me, ThisH2063 is the curseH423 that
    goeth forthH3318 overH5921 the faceH6440 of the wholeH3605 earth:H776
    forH3588 every oneH3605 that stealethH1589 shall be cut offH5352 as on this
    sideH4480 H2088 according to it;H3644 and everyH3605 one that swearethH7650
    shall be cut offH5352 as on that sideH4480 H2088 according to it.H3644

    To be consistent, if you are going to find Muhammed in Scripture then you
    should own the fact that Allah is also in Scripture as seen in the verse
    above. The word CURSE H423 IS “ALAH” Is a Curse. Who is a curse – Satan!

  12. Jose Nunes says:

    (luke:4:9) what did the devil tricked atlas being understanding he cannot
    defend to Him? Devil said to Jesus if you are the son of God, throw
    yourself down from here. Then what did the Jesus replied to Him? It is same
    like you devil if you would drink the poison then I will beleive it or
    otherwise you wipe it. Is this crazy Muslim people question to the
    non-muslims peoples who doesn’t know the true Bible?

  13. France Filiault says:

    David Wood definitely won this debate. He knew more about the Qu’an and
    it’s mistakes than Ali knew about the bible. Now I know why they say
    Mohammad has a split personality! 

  14. Richard Johnson says:

    In the OT of the Bible and Quran we are dealing with a tribal god who looks
    after the special interests of the tribe, giving victory in battle and
    promising a settled homeland for desert nomads. This god then takes on more
    universal and moral attributes, becoming seen as the creator of all things
    and one who requires justice and mercy. The highest stage reached in the
    Hebrew scriptures unlike that of the Quran, is that of the servant songs of
    Isaiah, where God gives Israel a vocation, not to conquer, but to serve;
    and where he does not wade in the blood of his enemies, but suffers with
    the poor and oppressed. Islam therefore needs to be reminded of the
    centrality of love in the divine nature. Islam needs to learn how to take
    criticism without wanting to kill the critic: so that we may learn not just
    to take the text as it stands, but to comprehend its multi-layered
    development. In this way Christianity and Islam need to balance each other,
    recalling faith to a simplicity which is founded squarely on love.

  15. Jose Nunes says:

    Ali ataei like you people satan tricked the Jesus, he said (luke:4:3)”if
    you are the son of God, tell this stone to become bread. In other mean he
    tricked to jesus being testing whether He is really son of God He would do
    it and I see it. But you cannot tested To God. He know before you do it to
    test me. This is how Muslim beleive to testify God and believe the Bible.
    What did Jesus replied to Him? Can you acknowledge the God truth convince
    you? Atlas the last temptation you see (luke:4:9)

  16. mr777davidben says:

    Genesis 15: 16In the fourth generation your descendants will come back
    here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.”

  17. asmaa omer says:

    Muhammad s,a,w is the greatest man to walk on this earth.

  18. Siegfried Gugg says:

    All the atrocities in the Bible are not practiced any more
    but all that atrocities is in the quran are still practiced actually today

  19. Travis D says:

    Ali is claiming that a word in HEBREW, that on the surface looks like a
    Arabic Word,
    though Pronounced very differently, while the actual Passage in Song of
    Songs is about Solomon and his Bride, is about Muhammad?
    While AKBAR in Hebrew is MOUSE. It looks and Sounds IDENTICAL to the Arabic.
    So by Ali’s Logic Allah is a Mouse?

    Now how about looking in the Old Testament. That Contextually is Identified
    as Prophecy. And is Specifically talking about a future person, with
    Biblical Support.

    While Ali wants to insert Muhammad into Solomons LUST FOR HIS WIFE.

    There is very clear non Ambiguous support for Jesus.
    Starting with Eve. Here Offspring would come the Messiah.
    Abraham all people would be Blessed through his Offspring.
    That God’s Promise was through Isaac.
    That Jacobs Descendents would Come the Messiah.
    Through Judah’s Descendents would come the Ruler.
    The Prophet to Succeed Moses was Called JOSHUA
    Through Jesse a Root Would Grow up from his Line.
    A Son of David, his Descendent would come the Messiah.
    A Branch would come from the line of David
    The Branch would be a Netzar of the line of David.
    Joshua the High Priest and his assosiates were symbolic of the Branch to
    The Name of the Future Branch is the Same NAME as JOSHUA the HIGH PRIEST
    this Branch will remove the sin of the land in a Single Day.
    Daniel said 483 years after Artaxerxes decree in 456 BC (360 day years)
    The Messiah would come and be killed and cut off.
    The Angel Gabriel comes to Mary 450 years after Daniels Prophecy,

    and Tells Mary and Joseph to NAME their child JOSHUA

  20. Saxophone and Clarient - Austral says:

    God sustains our lives. He can take it away. 

  21. Jose Nunes says:

    Then you don’t say He is a God, God can tempted by satan. You becareful
    when Jesus made flesh likeness us he wouldn’t act like God, He must acted
    like human formed kind had. That mean He must walked with them, among them
    may be they are good or bad, talk to them love to them. But all this how He
    would do? He wanted the God life is manifested He had to show them. That is
    why how He humbled till the death of His on the cross. He endured His God
    kind life He had, he showed to the sinners.

  22. Daniel Hwang says:

    Ali Ataie is embarrassing for Muslims. He doesn’t really answer to the
    problems brought up by Mr. Wood. He just talks faster and faster, denies
    the historical works of early Muslim scholars, and attacks Christianity. 

  23. Moshe dayan Vivas says:

    This Ali again is Sniffing from a parable.. LOL He quote ” Luke 12:47″
    which you must ready again the whole passage to understand it..Typical

  24. Shifa Shawk says:

    Ali Ataie is superb. Although David Wood is quite literate but Mr. Ali
    bested him, in my opinion.

  25. Bhuvanesh Arumugam says:

    david wood is too cool for this guy………… 

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