David Wood vs. Ali Ataie: “Who Was Muhammad?” (PART 3)

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  1. lmaoyourekiddingme says:

    These Muslims are horrible debaters.

    Ali trashed Wood for not using early Islamic sources and then trashed Wood
    for using early Islamic sources when he cited Hadiths that Ali found
    objectionable – in spite of them being from the Bukhari collection.

    Ali like all other Muslims in debates trying to defend Islam from itself
    invoke ad hominem tu quoque fallacy writ large. They also tend to veer off
    topic and call Christians names including bigots, as he did in this
    argument. All of this because Wood cited early Islamic sources – those
    which Muslims use in interpretation of Sharia – that Ali rightly found

  2. rajish sam says:

    david wood is logical and ali is fabricated 

  3. The Enlightener says:

    Who was Muhammad?

    Muhammad was a was a war lord, paedophile, thief and slave trader and mass
    murderer.He stole his step sons wife, married a 6 year old girl. tortured
    people to get his hands on their valuables, and wiped out an entire tribe
    of people in one day. He cut off the heads of the men and male teenagers;
    and enslaved the women and children.

    And this is God’s final and greatest prophet? Get real…Islam is a lie and
    Muhammad was a fraud. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Muhammad was a Monster

  4. The Enlightener says:

    The Muslims guys argument is so weak 

  5. jay blanco says:

    im sorry but david speaks storytells its so funny!! but ali quote
    scriptures and reliable refrences.

  6. Hannah Burwell says:

    at 17:37 Ali boasts that Muhammad (WBUH) had to pray six times per day then
    Ali says: ” who wants to pray another prayer” that says an awful lot about
    their devotion and the dead religion in which they are ensnared. 

  7. Saxophone and Clarient - Austral says:

    Ali keeps saying that we must keep our mind out of the gather. He said that
    in the first video and in the second.
    Well my main objection against Islam is that their are obsessed with
    sexuality. The 2 most sexually obsessed group in the world are: secular
    people and Muslims. Secular people do it by looking at pornography,
    Muslims do it by thinking that by covering woman more, more, more, than
    just modesty, can fix the problem of the worst perverted man. It doesn’t
    matter that you take her identity it destroyed. So a woman has to
    accommodate her life according to the worst pigs ,human pigs, and have a
    miserable life. So in that way secular pagans and muslims are obsessed with
    the same thing at both ends of the spectrum. That is way often they accuse
    the west by pointing to prostitution and immorality etc etc. Well the
    secular west is immoral and so is Islam. A woman should be modest, not
    oppressed. And people should chose if they wont to be religious without
    fear. I have never met and ex muslim telling me that they were not almost
    scared for their lives when leaving Islam.

  8. Diane Evans says:

    NO WHERE in the Holy Bible does it talk of the age of Mary! I would like
    this ignorant man to show me proof of the age of Mary at the time of
    Christ’s birth! When he talks about Deuteronomy 21, specifically verse, 11,
    he makes no mention that these men MARRIED the women that were captured.
    11..And seest among the captives a beautiful woman, and hast a desire unto
    her to THY WIFE! In the Qur’an, they do not marry their captives or slaves!
    They rape them!

  9. 1976enidan says:

    Talk in round on circles ….Ali omg pedophile lover

  10. VictoriaisaDiamond says:

    Ali…how did Muhammad come to this world???You forgot to mention that he
    rose from the afterbirth of a donkey!

  11. jay blanco says:


  12. The Enlightener says:

    David Wood totally owned Muhammad here

  13. marogya2100 says:

    Ali’s arguments were based on appeal to hypocrisy which are an informal
    logical fallacies that intends to discredit the opponent’s position by
    asserting the opponent’s failure to act consistently in accordance with
    that position. It attempts to show that a criticism or objection applies
    equally to the person making it. This attempts to dismiss opponent’s
    position based on criticism of the opponent’s inconsistency and not the
    position presented. It is a special case of ad hominem fallacy, which is a
    category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis
    of fact about the person presenting or supporting the claim or argument. To
    clarify, although the person being attacked might be acting inconsistently
    or hypocritically, such behavior does not invalidate the position presented
    which is essential to core and heart of the whole argument. It is like
    running away from responding to valid claims and even to the extent of
    making up lies to justify a position. Ali inconsistently tried to tie
    threads to make a cord but he was unsuccessful because he wants to justify
    crimes against humanity at any cost. He want to defend his religion even if
    it stinks. WOW , WHAT A SHAME. So genocide, mass murder is totally fine
    when people disagree with your agenda. That is why I became Christian and
    be saved from all that.

  14. Aron christian says:

    You Got defeated Mr. Ali Ataie May God Guide you to Christ … Amen!

  15. GXSRpreper1 says:

    Osama is getting butt hurt….truth hurts eh? “Unless he can see demons”
    what a cheap shot…proof that truth hurts

  16. Debbie S. says:

    This guy Ali is an ignorant liar.

  17. lmaoyourekiddingme says:

    9 year olds don’t have menses.

  18. KeLLo Guzman says:

    So if I say that I’am a prophet I could Mary a 11wifes?? Ohh come on Ali
    you just pretending to know about your false prophet or rather did Moses or
    Abraham or older prophet had a 11 wife? No they are prophet but still they
    did not Mary more than 5 or 10 wife… What a shame on you!!!

  19. GXSRpreper1 says:

    Osama is getting butt hurt….truth hurts eh? “Unless he can see demons”
    what a cheap shot…proof that truth hurts

  20. FREED SAVED says:

    Ali said My mom owns dolls, the issue is Aisha was playing with dolls while
    Muhammad took her to play as his doll. failed! Proud of you david!

  21. ali khan says:

    …your a failure in this debate, i’m sorry to say Ali Atale((

  22. Abdul Kupal Kha says:

    God bless David..

  23. HerrReinhard says:

    Thank God David is at my side!

  24. AussieJ764 says:

    This Ali Ataie is lying through his teeth, and he knows it.

  25. Dio Rex says:

    Mary’s age is not mentioned anywhere!! in the Bible, Ali is a liar

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