David Wood Proves Scientific Mistake in the Quran and Hadith

David Wood Proves Scientific Mistake in the Quran and Hadith, and Refutes Zakir Naik tags proof Islam is false wrong, Quran, science, mistake, mistakes, koran, errors scientific, miracles,…

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  1. Marcia Dombrowsky says:

    Oh, this is great, I haven’t laughed this much in a long time~! Thanks

  2. Najmul Khan says:

    you will get everything about Qur’an and Hadith after your death, that time
    you won’t get any moment to apologize, now in this world you can say
    anything about Quran and Hadith because you are not Muslim, and Allah knows
    about all things in the world, Allah is great.

  3. bashir6789 says:

    All religions are man-made horse shit. 

  4. Wayne Smith says:
  5. The Chidds says:

    Sounds exactly like what Christians do with the Bible.

  6. dsettleascii says:

    We can do the exact same thing with the bible, and you would go through the
    same 3 steps that you mock,

  7. Jose jesus says:

    hey mr David Wood i am iraqean christian i need your help to translate thes
    and other “perfect“ videos that you made into arabic pls help thanks , ur
    bro in jesus yousef

  8. Mohamed Azib says:

    this was funny thank you hahahhaha :’)

  9. El Quijote says:

    Great video!

  10. The Enlightener says:

    David Wood owns Islam

  11. Dame Photography says:

    You dont know nothing about Islam and Qur’an.
    You are seitan.

  12. RedRiverChannel says:

    LOL! From what movie is the scene at 4:45 from ahahahahhaa?

  13. delogoss says:

    this man has been lost in his hatred and will never have his brain back
    to normal.

  14. Re David says:

    3 was the favorite numbah of Mohammed BTW so pickup the apostasy!


  15. phoenix rajhan says:


  16. benjamin benoy says:

    please gave the names of clips you used here, if you have time, it was so
    interesting, you rocks bro god bless you

  17. tyrael90 says:

    Islam is a Joke. A very dangerous joke

  18. Thomas Aquinas says:

    Blessings to all my sisters and brothers in Abraham … please click on my
    name to see my channel, where I have outlined ten serious problems with
    Islam, while respecting your dignity as Muslims. Peace and love to you
    from the God of Abraham!
    Also see St. Thomas’ writing to answer questions that many Muslims have
    about Christianity: http://dhspriory.org/thomas/ContraGentiles.htm

  19. Anwar Shah says:

    I think this poor human needs to go back to school to learn how to
    interpret a simple text. 

  20. Ulrich Schmidt says:
  21. Abel Mendez says:

    Can someone please tell me what the song at the end is?

  22. Open Your Mind says:

    From which source do you think he meant Dhul gharin is same as Alexander?

  23. MOHAMAD MUZAMMIL Wahid says:

    you shit

  24. pranay baraily says:

    it is so shameful of you! (at least i felt), if you think of yourself to be
    literate and preach the words of God because as you literate (learned of
    bible (and ironically christian learned of holy Koran as you have studied
    it (so you know it (YOU DUMB-ASS, and supposedly to miniscule level are
    affected by its holy preaching (psychology of human mind)))) claim do. But,
    it looked like that you have posted a comic show rather than as a learned
    evangelism work, preaching the words of God by contradicting the words of
    God (as taken by Bible also (historical bible (Muslims the decent of son of
    Moses (man of God) if I am not wrong (please correct if I am so)).
    Moreover, do you preach the word of (one) God for all of humanity (along
    with with every living and non-living beings on this universe (galaxies) or
    YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER DUMB-ASS CLOWN running a show. I am wandering what is
    the difference between you and the you so called dumb Muslim brothers and
    sisters (who contradict the integrity of bible and call it to be
    corrupted). YOU DUMB-ASS!

  25. Ismail Jerusalem says:

    So why not read the Qur’an for you to learn more….that what it says is
    true…God Allah send rain on the dried pond and after the rain, the dried
    pond was filled with water and many produce as it is stated…after
    creation of mankind..Q2:21 O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who
    created you and those who were before you so that you may become
    Al-Muttaqun (the pious – See V.2:2).
    Q2:22 Who has made the earth a resting place for you, and the sky as a
    canopy, and sent down water (rain) from the sky and brought forth therewith
    fruits as a provision for you. Then do not set up rivals unto Allah (in
    worship) while you know (that He Alone has the right to be worshipped).
    Q2:23 And if you (Arab pagans, Jews, and Christians) are in doubt
    concerning that which We have sent down (i.e. the Qur’an) to Our slave
    (Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), then produce a Surah (chapter) of
    the like thereof and call your witnesses (supporters and helpers) besides
    Allah, if you are truthful.
    Q2:24 But if you do it not, and you can never do it, then fear the Fire
    (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers. 

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