David Wood – Islamic Rape Gangs in the UK

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  1. Pelican Fly says:

    Lies Lies Lies and more Lies!!! Don’t listen to this idiot. There’s too
    much to rebuttal. It ain’t a job refuting multiple claims of people like
    this, daily.

  2. joebonsaipoland says:

    Perfect THEME for Liam Neeson next movie “TAKEN 4”.

    His daughter’s girlfriend is sold into slavery by some MoMo inspired, UK
    based gang. Liam’s character tracks them down and kills all of them. *Sorry,

    Quote from the script:
    “I will say this once, let the girl go and I promise not to kill you all”

    Of course these pedophiles just laugh respond with “Good Luck Kafir”, and
    throw away the phone.

    One by one the game members are confronted and killed in multiple, exciting

    Side story/2nd plot is the UK police are tracking some vigilante and ‘never
    seem to find him’.

    Side story/3rd Plot and character development of these ‘honest hard working
    Muslims” praying 5 times a day in between raping their helpless victims.

    Offering Screen Play to the highest bidder – Or, I can squash the film if
    the ISIS, Pak, Saudi or UAE governments pay to secure the film rights.

  3. Fred Bare says:

    i live in the uk and you literally cant move for brown people raping little
    white girls. you only have to walk down the road and there is islamic gang
    rape everywhere you look. you need to chill out and stop watching fox mate,
    you’ll drive yourself mad.

  4. AHLE SUNNAH says:

    the priests,pastors and bishops have groomed and raped christian children
    in churches across the christian world which the church tried to hide for
    over 50 years. and yet these priests,pastors and bishops are allowed to
    keep their jobs because according to christianty jesus died for their sins.
    how sick is that. i blame their God(Jesus, God,holy spirit) what ever they
    call it because christian priests,pastors and bishops cant get married
    because they are married to God and christians believe that deeply in their
    hearts.but i guess the christian God does not give them sex so they have to
    start doing it in church with the children.

  5. Arman Productions says:

    Excellent video, my good sir.

    Even though I am not an English Caucasian, and not even in England…I
    think immigrants should assimilate 100%.

  6. acechoice45 says:

    All rapist Christian or Muslim should taste the bullet fuck them what
    happened to the British people don’t they know their country has been
    hijack wake the fuck up

  7. Arman Productions says:

    I love the British culture. Take your country back.

  8. ankur anand says:

    so what the fuck are you gonna do about it

  9. אמת מציאת says:

    Id say most pedophiles are white, also in ancient Greece it was highly
    promoted and practiced to sodomize young boys, its was known as pederasty.
    Im not muslim 

  10. P Matzneff says:

    Another wonderful clip by David Wood that shows how islam, its doctrina and
    its texts are nefarious. It shows too the ravages of political correctness
    among our leaders refusing to see or prohibiting to see what is obvious to
    common sense people. There is another important distinction made by Wood.
    Decent muslims are not decent BECAUSE of their religion but DESPITE it!

  11. shady manyio says:

    David wood you are the BEST

  12. AHLE SUNNAH says:

    according to islam anyone who fornicates for that person is 80 lases, if it
    is married person then stone to death. and ofcourse hang those who rape. so
    islam clearly does not encourage this clap comming from david woods mouth.

  13. Loyal Girl says:

    Quran 5:15

    O People of the Scripture, there has come to you Our Messenger making clear
    to you much of what you used to conceal of the Scripture and overlooking
    much. There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book.

  14. Kash Hassan says:

    I bet degenerate also things blacks commit all crime too.

    The peado cases in UK were nothing to do with Islam. It was racist Pakistan
    is, who btw were all from a backward inbred village called mir pur. Look it
    up and you will find out what these illiterate monkeys arts all about. All
    the electoral fraud in Asian areas is all down to them as well as well as
    drug dealing and treating their women like shit. Most mp or mir puri mem
    get married from back home then carry on peadoing or seeing prostitutes
    behind their wives backs

  15. callejunior says:

    well this got very relevant today,over 1400 raped in rotherham and the
    autorithies afraid to do anything about it because they are afraid to be
    called racists.

  16. David Mink says:

    kick them all out send them back to Arab soil

  17. yoda says:

    Spot on David. 

  18. Jesus is my saviour not my religion says:

    @ Syed Shahid, David Wood explains your confusion clearly in one of his
    videos, pls search for it and get back to me. you limit your gods powers
    alot. Watch David Woods video about it or just research it by reading the
    bible and you would know who jehovah is.

  19. Dennis Augustine says:

    any body attempts to share this video,considered enemy of islam and they
    may be killed by neighbour muslims…..that is their holy quran teachings
    promoted ideology……..

  20. mrconcept says:


  21. Future Child says:

    Great speech.

  22. Syed S Shahid says:

    Others included 33 felonies, 13 misdemeanors while the only convicted woman
    was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison for sexually abusing her son.

    The sentences are a major victory for Hynes and the city of New York where
    securing convictions in Orthodox Jewish communities can be difficult
    because many fear being ostracized if speak out about abuse.

    At least 10 cases were dismissed and seven downgraded because victims
    backed out or parents refused to let their children testify.

    But prosecutors believe victims have gained courage since predators like
    Weberman – whose supporters allegedly tried to bribe the victim and
    threaten her boyfriend’s business – have been jailed.

    Weberman, 54, who worked as an unlicensed therapist in Williamsburg,
    Brooklyn, was sentenced in January following an emotional testimony by his
    victim, now aged 18.

    ‘I clearly remember how I would look in the mirror. I saw a girl who didn’t
    want to live in her own skin, a girl whose innocence was shattered, a girl
    who couldn’t sleep at night because of the gruesome invasion that had been
    done to her body,’ the accuser told the court.

    She said she was ‘a sad girl who wanted to live a normal life but instead
    was being victimized by a 50-year-old man who forced her to perform
    sickening acts again and again.’

    She had testified that Weberman abused her repeatedly behind his locked
    office door from the time she was 12 until she was 15.

    Weberman was convicted last month on all 59 counts, including sustained
    sexual abuse of a child, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual

    The trial put a spotlight on the ultra-orthodox community in Brooklyn and
    its strict rules that govern clothing, social customs and interaction with
    the outside world.

    Both Weberman, 54, and the accuser belonged to the Satmar Hasidic sect.

    Locked away: The victim testified that from the time she was 12-years-old
    until she was 15 Weberman abused her behind his locked office door
    Reaction: Like Weberman, his wife Chaya Golda Weberman, seen arriving at
    the Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday, showed no emotion to his sentencing
    The teen and her family have been harassed and ostracized, reflecting
    long-held beliefs that any conflict must be dealt with from within.

    During the trial, men were arrested on charges they tried to bribe the
    accuser and her now-husband to drop the case.

    Others were accused of snapping photos of her on the witness stand and
    posting them online.

    She expressed hope that by coming forward, she could give strength to other
    victims of sexual abuse.

    Her school had ordered her to see Weberman because she had been asking
    questions about her religion and was dressing immodestly in violation of
    the sect’s customs, and it was believed she needed to be helped back on the
    right path.

    Weberman wasn’t a licensed counselor but spent decades working with couples
    and families in his community.

    There was no physical evidence of abuse.

    The court received dozens of letters from supporters of the defendant who
    described his life in the community as a counselor and a father.

    Community support: Seen last May among other members of Williamsburg’s
    community, the court received dozens of letters from his supporters who
    described his life in the community as a wholesome counselor and a father
    ‘Nechemya Weberman is innocent of the crimes charged,’ defense attorney
    George Farkas insisted at the sentencing.

    On Tuesday Weberman said ‘no thank you’ when asked if he wished to speak.
    He and his wife had no visible reaction to the sentence. The top charge
    carried a sentence of 25 years; he got consecutive terms for some of the
    other charges.

    The defense argued that the girl was angry that Weberman had told her
    parents she had a boyfriend at the age of 15 which is forbidden in her

    They claimed the girl went to police only after Weberman and her parents
    set up hidden cameras to secretly record the girl having sex with her
    boyfriend when she was still underage.

    Weberman turned the tapes over to police in the hopes that the boyfriend
    would be prosecuted.

    So how many Muslim person are there hey 

  23. zxrrsteve1 says:

    There is a problem with islam complete tripe

  24. Joseph Cunningham says:

    why cant i share this on facebook it keeps saying something about flash

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