David Wood Highlight Video

Here are the NBA highlights of the career of David Leroy Wood who is an American former professional basketball player, most notably in the NBA. His NBA care…

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  1. DaniArdalon says:

    I’m on my sisters account.

  2. Eric Duris says:

    Wood is VERY good !

  3. Petter81 says:

    Best player ever in NBA.

  4. Ryan Wolphagen says:

    i participated in a summer camp held by this man (david wood) in the
    Federated States of Micronesia,Pohnpei . he is really a great man even took
    his time to come out here in micronesia, hope he is well. god bless this

  5. allenbeyondsf says:

    you can find david wood from here, theylovetobuy.allenlin.us

  6. Bobby Malik says:

    The Warriors have come so far.

  7. Dave Conley says:

    A poor man’s Tom Chambers, who came from the same part of the country. One
    of the more explosive dunkers in the old Continental Basketball Association.

  8. DaniArdalon says:

    That’s my basketball coach! Go ballers! Guarenteed at lezast one of his
    sons goes nba. David wood is amazing 🙂

  9. Blessed Ruda says:

    Was a pleasure being coached by David Wood.

  10. jdawg75189 says:

    I enjoyed his brief play with the mavs. He sure knew how to push the
    buttons of the alonzo mournings and karl malones hahahaha you da man david

  11. CoDisafishy says:

    Sorry but, no…

  12. JeffCraige says:

    You know… He might not have been the best basketball player… But he was
    one of the greatest pure-athletes to ever put on an NBA uniform! God gifted
    quickness & strength.

  13. Petter81 says:

    You know he`s a great player when an offensive foul is on his highlight

  14. francep73 says:

    Livorno non dimentica il suo eroe!!! Grande David Wood!!!

  15. Michael Gaines says:

    He is a great guy in person. I went to Jr high and high school with him.
    The odd thing is that he really didn’t get tall until after high school. He
    was about 6’2″ in high school, he really shot up after that. Wonderful man
    tho, nicest person you’ll ever meet.

  16. SorryStamin says:

    I want to see moar. I know him in real life ;D

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