David Wood destroyed by Sami Zaatari

David Wood destroyed by Shabir Ally Mohammed, Marriage, Yasir Qadhi, Women In Islam, Fiqh, Mishary Al Afasy, Feiz Muhammad, Koran, Niqab, Nikkah, Yvonne Ridl…

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  1. Tom Lessing says:

    The Jews to whom Jesus said “Before Abraham was, I AM” knew exactly what He
    meant. If He only referred to God’s omniscience – knowing before the
    foundation of the world that He was “he” – they would never have wanted to
    kill Him. The fact is, they understood Him perfectly well when He made
    Himself equal to the eternal God the Father.

    So they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself and went
    out of the temple. (John 8:59).

  2. Mazen Karama says:

    You took the Christian speakers out of context and used music to appeal to
    emotion.That is a lousy argument.And James White is a greater apologist
    than David Wood and Sam Samoun.

  3. DJ JOSH says:

    i will donate for him he is letting people know the real truth…

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