David Letterman – Jesse Eisenberg on Facebook

The “Social Network” star talks about similarities to Mark Zuckerberg and his fear of the internet. Watch the full episode now available on CBS.com: www.cbs.com

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  1. allxxxday28 says:

    lol i love soccer and i hate you…

  2. julls says:

    Firth is amazing but last year Jesse was robbed at the Academy Award.

  3. 6383Jman says:

    MIchael cera wishes he could be him.

  4. ashiesdollpartsX says:

    ‘people have been writing mean things about me on the internet’, clearly hasn’t been on tumblr 🙂

  5. StephanieDugenio says:

    he is so akwardly hilarious hahhaha

  6. yotmbtengounblog says:

    i wanna rape jesse, i really do

  7. ShadowCrashed81 says:

    @crysteen100 What did you like about his performance?

  8. 14wasp says:


  9. waterfieldV says:

    Jesse is so sexy.

  10. nitsi76 says:

    He have a big heart. i feel it

  11. HatesStupidPeople194 says:

    haha i love jesse hes such a badass actor

  12. getjiggywithit007 says:

    hahaha Eisenberg is awesome

  13. FiendishPixie says:

    He is so cute, lol.

  14. crysteen100 says:

    I love Jesse Eisenberg now after watching the social network movie. He’s awesome and I really admire him as an actor. Great! Hope you will team up again with Rooney Mara in a romantic comedy coz i can really feel pretty intense feeling the two of you had in the movie.

  15. Luzyland says:

    So Cute!..*O*

  16. Robihno888 says:

    the movie is so freakin awesome

  17. RapedByVYFI says:

    his voice is sexy lol

  18. buttersyrupnpancakes says:

    @NightinGal89 yeah he’s wayprettier! Dave must be on mushrooms. hehehe

  19. 0BALLINN0 says:

    lol paul i hate this actor too hes weirder than Mark Zuckerberg

  20. iMPERiOUS says:

    @MsCrunchyTuna it’s ok, do it

  21. EnzoTheBaker says:

    youtube your fuckin ads!

  22. TheMichaelLake says:

    If you like Jesse check out the featured video on my channel…..!

  23. NightinGal89 says:

    @Kritickos Jesse is prettier than the real Zuckerberg.

  24. ultimatebieliber says:

    soooo hot !!!! <3

  25. HappyGuy00000 says:

    his head is bigger then mark

  26. MsCrunchyTuna says:

    @iMPERiOUS your future husband and gay lover, jesse is going to be jealous

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