David Letterman Gets Sexy at Work! – I hate Jon AND Kate – Lindsay Lohan tit*ywear

Plus – I HATE Jon AND KATE Gosselin & NippleWear! Make a video reply! Share storie! Be Graphic! Hot! Please rate/comment/fave/share! Comment Question of the Day: 1. What are you thoughts on relationships with co-workers (and superiors) at work! 2. Any stories you want to shere ( make videos! fun!) 3. How do you think Letterman is handling it? 4. Write mean things about Jon and Kate and maybe they will go away! LOL See Lindsays Titty Wear Collection: www.huffingtonpost.com In this video, Buck talks about the Letterman scandal, Jon and Kate are both a-holes- dont forget!! Stay tuned I read your comments and do an update!
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  1. majormana1 says:

    Um I see a stumbled upon somewhere where at least one person buys kate’s balony sob story I shall head back to what was lookin for

  2. laurenrose34 says:

    He’s married to his husband for like ever.

  3. VitalSigns1 says:

    This guy is confused about his sexuality.

  4. anthony66363 says:

    I enjoyed Your Short Video

  5. biotechy2k says:

    Down here in Australia we have an old saying “You don’t screw with the Crew” and its good advice Office romance usually ends up causing more drama’s than a Tranny at the local Catholic school cheers Lou in Aussie Land

  6. MrNotdave says:

    Drink much coffee? WTB>>>You are very annoying.

  7. MultiTHEJOKER says:

    you don’t have a genes record for talking a lot you should get one

  8. lordab0d says:

    1- u r gay
    2- u cant shut the hill up

  9. mrfalafl says:

    This guy might be gay

  10. BatBoy0006 says:

    Michael Buckley = he’s gay, fckng feminine…

  11. Xenda369 says:

    I love ur web show it’s so funny and i hate John and Kate too!……but I love u!!! =D

  12. fatweaselproductions says:

    Yeah, he’s gay, so what?

  13. alittleolder says:

    STFU Letterman is great!

  14. alittleolder says:

    I had a relationship with a woman at a company I used to work.. I was the superior though.. (in the work.. not in the bedroom.. because in there she took charge)

  15. MsZakeera says:

    may be you are seeking a sexy girl call now naneedj.info

  16. Tobyu2Uber says:

    David letterman is the sexiest man on TV:)

  17. 12345678910ZXCVBNM says:


  18. leparditas says:

    letterman and blowjob hahaha

  19. Kylexander says:

    I’d take Jon over Kate anyday

  20. abriiscool says:

    david letterman is a dirt bag.

  21. happyquails says:

    FAR too long. Enough already

  22. dxxxxdddxxdddxxxxxdx says:

    Sοṙrỵ foṙ ხеіng ᴏƒf ṭᴏpіс, bսt I’m tṙyіng ṭo ɡеṭ rеⅴengе ᴏո ⅿỵ ᑲitⅽհ ᴏf an еⅹ gⅰṙlḟṙiеnd, iḟ ỵoս wаnոа sее ȟеr ѕeх ṭаρe I ցοt a lⅰnḱ oո ⅿy рṙᴏƒiǀe. ρasѕwᴏrⅾ іs 123 . ṭhanǩѕ

  23. umhiyahi says:

    I can only say i love you and’ what the buck :3 -Gia

  24. insanefirepixxie says:

    And then the face, and the eyebrows… xD!
    LOL! I love you Buck. xD

  25. TheRobpattzlover says:

    BUCK, YOU’RE AWESOME! I love when you read comments. I cannot stand the people who say such vile things though. Lol, love how you got your point across about the moment of silence. And you have a good point about Kate. She’s no angel either.

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