Date Night + Dark Shadows and Haagen-dazs Adventure!

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  1. RenaissanceRox1 says:

    i like sawyer’s suggestion

  2. RenaissanceRox1 says:

    O yeah!

  3. TheAni111 says:

    @crazylyn013 i think she wears fake lashes (teh individual ones)

  4. CrazyLyn013 says:

    blair wat mascara r u wearing? sawyer pliz ask i luv it!

  5. Emmafiy says:

    is it just me or youtube has a bug?

  6. shoptillyoudrop009 says:

    guys calm down, they’re not getting married because Blairs only 19!!

  7. PrincesaNneoma says:

    JuicyThief07! or Blair the Bandit! Like”Blair the Bandit: Sawyer and Blair Go to Knotts Berry Farm” or wherever you guys choose to go! (:

  8. PinkChocolateGirl4 says:

    Blair’s Takeover!!!!

  9. anairaham says:

    I love you guys! Cutest couple EVER!

  10. Victoriaalala17 says:

    Hey can y’all check out my channel:) I’ll subscribe if you do!:)

  11. themissdazzlelight says:

    you guys r fricken adorable!!

  12. Hayleymoo says:

    sawyerstar07 lol

  13. gold1151 says:

    When are you going to get married

  14. TheCathy1999 says:

    blair is so cute and funny when she plays the football game

  15. filoaussieforever says:

    You guys are so cute!!

  16. Thebluemango1 says:


  17. starsnrockets31 says:

    when blair screams because of the icecream haha:’)

  18. 62fuzzybear says:

    juicystealer07! Love the name of the new vlogs you should do it!

  19. LilyBee22 says:

    You’re the cutest couple in the wrold ever!!!!!

  20. RosePetals123100 says:

    Yeah !!!!!

  21. RosePetals123100 says:

    I have seen that movie dark shadows it is amazing xxx love you both


    YEAH Juicysteal007 😀

  23. gatafierrra says:

    Blair you are the cutest girl EVER!

  24. gatafierrra says:

    Yes! Do more takeovers! Blair or Bust!

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