Da’Shawn Hand Highlights – College Football Recruiting

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  1. sync withstyle says:

    I bet he will end up in the NFL 

  2. Mason Housley says:

    Michigan, The BIG House, the tradition the pride of the people in the
    Detroit area greatest fans greatest stadium which holds the longest streak
    in home games attendance of over 100,000 with 245 games. most winning team,
    most winning seasons. Played in 42 bowl game and won 11 national
    championships Michigan is the most televised school in college football
    history. “Those who stay will be champions”. UofM fan or not, you can not
    mention College football without mentioning Michigan and you can not
    mention Michigan without mentioning College football.

  3. Alexandre Mallebay-Vacqueur says:

    As an Oregon fan, I have seen my fair share of flipping commits. In 2011, I
    was mad that Pharaoh Brown committed to Michigan because i knew he had so
    much potential at Oregon. However, he ended up flipping and committing to
    Oregon months later. Don’t be surprised if Hand flips on signing day.
    Anything can happen, but for now Alabama fans, enjoy the moment.

  4. Cole Hodge says:

    All these pussies lmfao. None of you little girls would be saying the
    things you are if he didn’t go to Alabama. You’re just mad because Alabama
    pretty much just strangle held the #1 class with his commitment and are
    clearly/purely jealous that the rich, keeps getting richer. 🙂 You can say
    ”SABAN TO TEXAS HAHAHA” all you want, but when you get talent like we
    have at Alabama right now and the legacy that’s along with it. That makes
    absolutely no sense as to why he would leave. And don’t pull that LSU shit,
    because LSU in the early 00’s didn’t have near the talent Alabama does
    right now.

  5. Mike Appel says:

    Remember when you said you value academics? Well you just turned down a top
    5 public university for one of the worst. Whatever, Peppers is better

  6. II Trey says:

    Why go to Alabama? Why not go to a team that needs a leader and needs to
    improve and might have a chance to start.

  7. Brittany Duncan says:

    He committed to Bama

  8. Smileyfacedkiller says:

    You idiots need to root for Michigan to land these kids. Have you seen
    Michigan’s coaching staff? It’s a joke. Peppers is nothing more than an
    elite talent that wont hurt your team as much because he’ll be playing for
    dumb coaches.

  9. Tyler Thrower says:

    What an awful video…terrible quality all the way around…what was it
    filmed with? a potato?

  10. Megan Shannon says:

    hahahaha saban isnt going to texas.

  11. irishfan84 says:

    Fournette is #6 in Rivals and #2 in 247

  12. Jordan Liles says:

    Roll Tide.

  13. Kelvin Phan says:

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  14. Patrick Simpson says:

    Roll Tide

  15. Goodine InAnnArbor says:

    Congrats to you young man i wish you luck in your journey 

  16. sterlomo92 says:

    Roll tide

  17. Randy Bailin says:

    I think it’s Michigan or Florida. Saban might be going to Texas which
    could make Alabama a risky choice.

  18. Max Weber says:

    why the hell are all of you guys tell him to go to Michigan because he is
    black. Are you kidding me? he should go to a team that will win
    championships and also get him to the nfl, which would be in the SEC, not

  19. Brittany Duncan says:

    Roll Tide

  20. irishfan84 says:

    isn’t it hilarious how the skunkbears thought they’d land this guy. I
    could definitely see Hand talking Peppers out of his skunkbear commit.

    Now he can focus on 2 years of academic ineligibility and skip off to the

  21. Smileyfacedkiller says:

    As an ohio state fan, I hope he goes to michigan because if he goes to
    alabama or florida, he might actually turn into a really good player and
    give ohio state competition (they have good coaching staffs). He goes to
    michigan and he’s going to receive poor coaching and will probably never
    improve and will probably regress.

  22. irishhunter100 says:

    Ohio State fan here, I think he is going to Michigan. Ohio State would love
    to have him, but our line is stacked and has a lot of depth.

  23. MrBrewhaman says:

    Final 3, Florida, Bama and MICHIGAN. Very smart kid, he will take his time
    and choose the school that best fits him. Glad to read his visit to
    Michigan went very well and hope he joins the class. ~GO BLUE!!

  24. David Hesburn says:

    Go Blue Da’Shawn!!!

  25. ZKwonn says:

    VT, Michigan and South Carolina

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