Daegan Smith’s Contest

To see my product that I made just go to instantmarketingmastermind.com

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  1. jeremyschallenge says:

    Thanks so much!

  2. lifevibes says:

    Congratulations Jeremy, great job buddy!

  3. 4joaniemcmahon says:

    Jeremy, fantastic work. Really great !! So proud of what you did in such a short time. Joanie from Maximum Leverage Group

  4. Pnpurkhanafzal12 says:

    Thanks Jeremme, download a crazy job Video. I’m excited to urs for my success.

  5. TheRichStoner says:

    Great job bro! You have my respect!

  6. jeremyschallenge says:

    Definitely, I’ve always felt that way! This 6-7 day adventure was fun!

  7. jeremysteam says:

    Thanks so much, I try to always make things as clear as possible in all my videos on all my channels!

  8. jeremysteam says:

    Thanks so much it means a lot, I think I would have done a TAD bit better if the solo ad didn’t flop but still in the end I think It was a pretty good turn out considering I started from 0.

  9. jeremysteam says:

    Thank you my friend! To the top we go!

  10. jeremysteam says:

    Thanks tom! No youuuu da mannn!

  11. FHGfitness says:

    Great job Jeremy!! You da man!! Yeeeaaaahhhh Yuh!! 🙂

  12. EffectiveMarketing1 says:

    Jeremy Daegan Smith is awesome, im very glad to see you working with him. I shared and liked your video, and blast it out to all my other social profiles using ping.fm Im rooting for you to win brother

  13. numbermoja says:

    This is very impressive how you were able to stick with it and manage to take action come up with some sales at the end. It shows money loves speed plus add a little hard work and consistency and it does really pay off. Now you have a product you can keep selling over and over again. Good Job Jeremy you are an inspiration

  14. AngelaWCM says:

    WOW! Jeremy you did an awesome job with this video. Love how you demonstrated and explained every step. More Power to you Jeremy.

  15. MatthewNeer says:

    Good shit bro! Keep handlin’ business!

  16. jeremyschallenge says:

    Thanks so much! Means a lot!

  17. bobby72earle says:

    You’ve got balls, Kid. And there is little doubt that because of your Power To Take Action, you are on the road to success. Paying attention to the right people (especially, Daegan Smith) always pays and there will be folks watching out for what you do because you’ve already demonstrated your talent. Power to you, Jerremy.

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