Daegan Smith – Who Is This Guy And What Can You Learn From Daegan The Genius MLM Expert

Daegan Smith – Who Is This Guy And What Can You Learn From Daegan The Genius MLM Expert

Article by Eddys Velasquez

If you’re wondering how much 7 minutes can get you, you might be surprised that Daegan Smith has the solution to earning as much as a thousand dollars in that span of time. The online marketer promises to provide other web sellers with larger profits by using the unique approach. You can increase your income potential online by as much as 150% by checking out the strategies and following the methods carefully. Here are more tips.

Who’s Daegan Smith?

Daegan Smith is also known on the web as the king who never called a single lead. He believes that you can bring in the traffic you need to your website without having to contact a single person online. The online marketer focuses more on writing articles and providing information to your target market, which in turn will spur them to visit your company personally instead of you having to spend a lot of time, money and effort on advertisements and all the other common vehicles and advertisement platforms.

On Writing Articles

Article marketing can provide you with the traffic you need for free without you having to put up a website. You can start by creating useful and informative content that is highly related to your business. Put the articles up on article directories, blog sites, online forums and other free places on the internet. Attach a resource box where you can put up a link straight to your landing page. You also score high on search engine results, thereby boosting your visibility. You can get the traffic you need and add more sales.

Article Writing Tips

Daegan Smith encourages online marketers to keep the articles brief. Each article should not exceed 400 words, since people usually spend only a few minutes reading these. You should use the problem, agitate and solve formula when writing articles. This formula means that you intensify the current problem that the user is going through then end with a solution to it. You will create a demand for your articles by using this approach. Always include the resource box at the end so your target client will go to your landing page.

No-Writing Approach

If you feel that you’re not very good at writing but want to try the method, you can also use other approaches. First is by contacting article writers online who can provide you with the content you need at a very small fee. Record yourself and have the available content transcribed. You can also transcribe recorded videos. You can then take credit by outsourcing the materials and person who will write the articles and putting your name at the bottom as the creator or author.

You should also make use of available tools online to upload your videos and other content. Auto transponders are excellent as well so you won’t seem too intrusive when providing information. The closest you get to clients will be by sending them email of free articles to further boost your reputation. Daegan Smith swears that the approach has worked for him very well in the past and other online marketers can also double their income potential by using this in MLM networks and online businesses.

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