Daegan Smith – The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead

Daegan Smith – The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead

Article by Jack Foley

Daegan Smith is a highly successful internet network marketer. Ha has been online around 6 years now and has made multiple millions on the internet. He started out his internet network marketing career being involved with a personal development network marketing company. He quickly climbed the ranks at that company and build an orginazation of over seven thousand people. From that, he started to receive nice residual income cheques every month. He thought he had arrived.. There was a twist though..

He often mentions in his blog posts that eventually his down-line growth started to balance off and would not grow any more. Daeagan though started to think far bigger than just his network marketing business. He started to produce e-books and tutorials and sold them online. He started to write articles in bulk and submit them in mass to article directories all over the internet. In a short period time of this great work ethic, Daegan was starting to generate sizable amounts of leads every day in his home based business. This was giving him serious leverage and he started to recommend other products and services to his list on a daily basis. To cut a long story short, Daegan Smith now receives over 50 cheques in his mailbox every month. He never calls his leads and he has the ability and the list nowadays to recruit people in other companies at the push of a button. What a success story..!!

How you can you duplicate his success. There is a way!. Firstly you MUST build your list. In my opinion, you do not have a business, if you do not have a list online. There are a variety of ways you can do this. Can you write articles and submit them to article directories?. Can you record videos and submit them to multiple video directories? You can also place adds in newsletters of you can do pay per click marketing. Social media sites are a cheap way for one to build their list nowadays. Whatever route you chose, stick with one and do not move on to the second one until you have mastered your preferred marketing strategy.

What do you do when you have a growing email list?. You must build a relationship with your list. what Daegan Smith does is send out live broadcasts usually twice a day to his list. One of the emails is usually content and the other one is usually an offer. Be consistent over time with this strategy and you will start to build rapport with your subscribers. And as we all know people only buy from people they know like and trust. Trust is earned by the consistent emails you must send your subscribers.

If you can grow your list on a daily basis and send quality content to your subscribers on a daily basis, then your success is practically guaranteed. To see other top secret strategies Daegan Smith uses in his home based business see the information below.

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