Daegan Smith Scam – Recruit Like Crazy / Maximum Leverage Scam

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  1. MrMLM says:

    OMG – Jay what the hell are you up to, and does your partner know about this? Dear Lord …………………

  2. sprayincome says:

    I think you were better looking with the beard!
    Or are you Dame Edna?
    Oh dear this is worrying!!

  3. GlynPowell says:

    You can sit on my lap any day Ms Roberts (LOL)

  4. indio2934 says:

    Way to Go, Jay
    Great Video, keep ’em laughing.

    Noble “Dan”Owen

  5. CoreMLMTips says:

    Lol , Thanks For The Insight Miss Roberts

  6. carlosanastacio09 says:

    Hey Jay..You can always visit Los Angeles…Great video…….

  7. PartnerForCash says:

    I thought you did great! lol

  8. ronewest42 says:

    I always had a ‘feeling’…. but I kept telling myself nooooooooooooooo can’t beeeeeeeeeeee!!! Well done mate! you made me smile just a bit? only kidding!! hope you win the prize!! byeeee luvyeee

  9. JayRobertsUK says:

    Shame I didnt win.I would have worn something sexy for you on my visit to Hawaii. LOL

  10. daegansmith says:

    All I can say is hahahahahahahahaha

  11. JayRobertsUK says:

    . They are Eddie Izzards!!! What can I tell ya!

  12. CraigCostenbader says:


  13. gavinthorne says:

    I knew – I just bloody knew it!
    And next you are going to tell us you “borrowed” the clothes et al from your wife, lol!
    Hope you win the prize, you deserve it
    cheers G

  14. ChrisGravillis says:

    HAHAHAHAHA BRILLIANT!!!!! Jay is by far the UGLIEST woman in the internet marketing industry!!!!!

    GREAT video though

  15. 830hurd says:

    I cant believe the lengths Jay will go to make a sale

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