Daegan Smith Review ~ All Hype or the Real Deal?

themlmspot.com Daegan Smith is a guy that is all over the internet.You will recognize him as the guy wearing a shirt that says “I’m Retired, Don’t Ask Me to Do a Damn Thing” holding a bunch of checks in his hand. So, is he for real with all this “never calling a single lead” stuff or is he just out to make a quick buck? I remember when I first ventured online about 5 years back looking to build my MLM. As a newbie online it was so overwhelming with all of the information coming at me. Every new page I opened up there was a new face trying to sell me on the fact that they could help solve all of my MLM problems. “How to Recruit 240 reps in 60 days” or “Build your Down-line on Auto-pilot with this New Easy System” or blah, blah, blah. I was brand new online and already sick of all the bull and hype! What I realized was that Daegan Smith knows his stuff! It’s funny that when you are new to online marketing it’s easy to have your guard up and question the validity of everything you see because of the fact that there is so much bull being tossed around. My skepticism made me overlook Daegan the first time around but fortunately he caught my attention once again. Daegan’s consistency online coupled with hearing his name through other trusted resources I already bought into like mike dillard and MyLeadSystemPro lead me to follow him and I became an consistent reader of his emails. The amount information and marketing tips that he gives away for free blows me away. Now that I
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