Daegan Smith – Online Network Marketing

Daegan Smith – Online Network Marketing

Article by Jack Foley

Daegan Smith – Online Network Marketing

Daegan Smith has made millions online primarily through the network marketing industry. He has been a marketer around 6 years ago and has enjoyed unparalleled success in this industry. He came online because he failed to build a network marketing team offline. His strategy was to call leads that he bought from lead companies. He did this for 6 months but had no success. This though was a blessing in disguise as it brought him online where his millions awaited.

When he came online he changed network marketing companies and joined a popular network marketing company. He quickly started to advertise his new home based business online through the use of pay per click marketing, article marketing and newsletter marketing. He wrote articles on mass and distribted them to online article directories for massive exposure of his website. Soon he was generating massive amounts of leads every day and these leads were automatically signing up in his business. In a short period of time, Daegan built his team to seven thousand people and started to earn serious residual income cheques each and every month.

Anyone can duplicate what Daegan has done online but you must know first exactly what to do. Firstly you should concentrate on building your email list, then build a relationship with your list. If you are consistent with your daily follow up and your list is growing over time, then there is no reason why you cant build a profitable home based business

How do you build your list?. There are a multiple of ways to do this. You can start writing articles and submitting them to multiple article directories. You can set up pay per click campaigns. You can place newsletter adds. Video Marketing, blogging. All the social media sites etc. These sites were not around when Daegan started his business. There is no reason now why a person cant find qualified prospects for his business

So the formula is. 1. Build a targeted list. 2. Build a responsive list by sending out live broadcasts and providing as much value as you can in your emails. 3. Monetize your list by recommending products you use yourself and also network marketing companies you are involved with. You can do it. To see more of Daegan Smith’s Secrets see the information below.

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