Daegan Smith – My Breakthrough Video – Maximum Leverage Closing

http://socialmediabar.com/karlas-blog “Maximum Leverage is closing it’s doors for good and I just found out that Daegan Smith is holding a killer contest whe…
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  1. Karla Harris says:

    Thanks Deagan, I appreciate your input. Being a part of this contest has been an exciting part of the journey. Looking forward to adding video to my marketing arsenal 🙂

  2. Daegan Smith says:

    I can feel the excitement, energy, and belief. The mindset is alpha & omega. You’re a natural here.

  3. Karla Harris says:

    Thanks Kalei I am enjoying the journey.

  4. Karla Harris says:

    Thanks Richard. Stepping out of your comfort zone does wonders for the belief system.

  5. Karla Harris says:

    Thanks Marty, I enjoyed sharing my breakthrough.

  6. OneMartyMac says:

    Amazing, been watching all these this weekend and each one is teaching me something… Thanks for sharing and you are right it all starts with Mindset. Thanks! Best of luck in the contest!

  7. Richard Teare says:

    Great news Karla and well done! Interesting how it takes just a little something – different for each of us – to change the mindset! Good luck in the competition!

  8. InspirationStation26 says:

    What an inspiring video Karla! Congratulations on facing your fears. That is such a huge accomplishment. It’s great to hear of all of your successes too!

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