Daegan Smith Maximum Leverage – My Biggest Breakthrough (Jay Roberts)

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. JayRobertsUK says:

    LOL. Hi russ. hook me up and pm me if you want some pointers.

  2. Russ Kendall says:

    Mate you are funny as fuck……. You look like ANT from Ant and Deck off the tele haha. Great video. Did you buy the Recruit like crazy course and then learn your success from there? I’m from UK and it is good to see someone from here making money online. A little help would be great please. Just a point in the right direction. BANG TIDY Kieth Lemon style, PO-TA-TO!!!

  3. Daegan Smith says:

    Keeps bringing her back! Haha

  4. Mark Call says:

    Killer, Jay … as always, bro!

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