Daegan Smith – How You Can Generate 1,000 Leads Per Day on Autopilot

Daegan Smith – How You Can Generate 1,000 Leads Per Day on Autopilot

Article by Jeff Sheiner

Recently, I attended a Daegan Smith educational webinar where I was exposed to many of beneficial tips to grow your business online.

Who is Daegan Smith?

Daegan Smith is an internet marketer. Daegan has produced up to 2600 leads from the web in only one day without affiliate programs. Every day he generates hundreds to thousands of new leads. He has recruited over 3000 people to his network marketing business. And he has done this without calling a single lead.

Let’s get going with Daegan’s story. He got going online a little over 5 years ago at the age of 24. He had a job, just like most folks. Taking a shower one day, Daegan noticed he had been going though the identical routine for the last 6 months. Seeing into the next 6 months, Daegan expected nothing to change – working a job that did not fulfill him with small pay increases for the rest of his life. It freaked him out. He needed to change his career.

Daegan started watching infomercials on TV and chose to get into real estate and purchased an apartment building. At a real estate seminar he learned of affiliate marketing on the net.

For the first year, he went down several roads. He attempted lots of things to see what would make some money. He knew he was on the right track when he received a few small checks. But nothing major.

He ultimately located a a coach who explained the cause of many people’s failure Focus. Or the lack of it. At that point he had been exposed to the MLM industry. He made the decision to learn how to become a network marketer and teach people how to grow a business.

Daegan quickly figured out that to grow your business, you need a LOT of leads.

He researched the web to see what people were doing to generate success. He modeled successful strategies both offline and on. He concluded you need a few simple items.

1. A Lead Squeeze Page to get contact information from leads2. An Auto Responder to connect and develop relationships with those prospects3. An Offer that adds value and converts well

Those are the easy, external must haves for your business. But you also need some internal aspects:

You must have a clear, defined purpose for your business. The main mistake people make is not defining a clear reason for their business. You have to to be absolutely focused on what you are in the game to do. Don’t drive away without a GPS to guide you to your destination!

Having clarity on who you are and what you are doing will effortlessly draw the right people into your business.

YOU are the next factor! You must be natural. As yourself, you are just right. Enjoy yourself! Have faith in who you are and be passionate about where you’re headed and others will naturally be attracted to you.

Daegan says you also have to love to learn. Learn from and emulate those who are getting the results you desire. Find a coach or a mentor. Be willing to pay the price to accomplish your goals. Remain positive and active and you will acheive the results you seek.

Finally, you must be fearless. In other words, acknowledge the fear, but take action and overcome it. You will become more confident as you grow.

Daegan advises using a Micro – Macro strategy. He starts small and then grows it big. Here is what he recommends:

* Begin wherever you are – don not worry if it is not perfect.* Learn what you need to get going from training or reading. But your real learning comes from repitition where you acquire an intuitive sense for what will create success and what will not.* Get proficient and start producing traffic* Test different things (offers, fonts and colors) and record your trials for additional refinement.* When you get it dialed in it is time to go macro. Remove yourself out of the way by developing automatic systems and go chase the next goal.

At the end, Daegen returned to focus. Focus your efforts on obtaining leads, growing relationships and making money now. Follow this formula and you’ll have no competition. It does not exist out there. It only exists in your mind.

About the Author

One last thing… Daegen Smith shared a lot of PPC and copywriting secrets on this webinar. If you’d like to learn how to create your own massive online traffic using the information I learned from Daegan, hop over to Jeff Sheiner’s Financial Freedom Guide now for more information.

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