Daegan Smith, Here is my Breakthrough…

mommymotivation.com My Mastermind Partners informed me of a contest that Daegan Smith/Maximum Leverage was having regarding a video submission of your biggest Breakthrough you’ve had over the year. Still not being 100% comfortable with video, was what had me dragging my feet. Turns out that was the least of my concerns as most of the drama that came out of it all, was behind the scenes in trying to get the the dang thing uploaded and submitted before the deadline. Hilarious. I talk more about it in my blog post. Here’s the link again. mommymotivation.com Anyway… I’m so, so glad I did it! Excited for my growth more than anything. My first official You Tube video (that’s not set to “private”) lol… what?! This is huge for me. 😉 Special thanks to Daegan Smith, Andrea Goodsaid and my MPP Partners. Later!

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