Daegan Smith… Fanale puts his stamp of approval of Daegan!

BrianFanale.com Daegan Smith is a guy who I’ve been watching for a good handful of years. I finally met Daegan at one of Yanik Silver’s Underground events, and it was great to shake this guy’s hand… I’d have to say Daegan is one of the top few guys that I respect the most when it comes to internet marketing, generating leads, increasing conversions, and just plain old making a TON of money with the internet. Daegan is SICK at ezine marketing, ppc marekting, co-op strategies, article marketing, and NEVER calling a single lead back ­čśë The dude’s retired… don’t ask him to do a DAMN thing! hahaha… Thanks for bringing so much value to the industry bro. You are truly and asset to the internet marketing community!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 664035 says:

    Hi Brian,
    like the outdoors´╗┐ even if a bit wobbly, but you get your message across well, Well done
    ian King

  2. lamasta1 says:

    Maximum Leverage uses some unique marketing strategy´╗┐ and always learn something new from Daegon. Thanks for the video.

  3. CoreMLMTips says:

    I’m Feeling This Brian -; Short and Simple ; I Couldn’t Agree More ~ Chucks´╗┐

  4. investmentinserenity says:

    Hey Brian, great´╗┐ video………..Joanie

  5. TedEllsworth says:

    Great job Brian! Your video is´╗┐ right to the point and so casual. I would like to be in your shoes now, five years from now. Daegan’s Inner Circle is awesome and will help me achieve that dream. Keep rocking with MLSP. —- Ted Ellsworth

  6. daegansmith says:

    You da man, I’m jealous though . . . Hope´╗┐ that cruise was amazing. Call me, I leave in 3 days!

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