Daegan is the king!

Daegan is the king!

Article by Tias Benson

Just before a speak about Daegan Smith let’s speak about never ever calling a single lead. I bought into this notion when I 1st began seeing Daegan’s advertising on-line. I bought a technique that he invented referred to as the Power Prospecting Program. In the time the concepts and program had been a bit over my head.

He came up using the thought for this technique by reading a book known as Magnetic Sponsoring. (Each severe network marketer really should read this!)

Back towards the craziness of “Never Calling a Lead”! To never ever call a lead that has left you their number is just plain stupid! The whole point of network advertising and marketing would be to connect with men and women, and function using the folks that you simply like! Should you never ever call a single lead then it makes it extremely tough to connect.

The truth is that if you would like to hide behind your laptop or computer and in no way call the leads which you are generating then you’re not going to be profitable in MLM. You should reach out and connect to create an MLM enterprise.

I learned a great deal from employing Daegan Smith’s Power Prospecting Program. Although I wasn’t too effective with it.

The program was a lead capture page that was not customizable. It was followed by a series of e-mail follow ups that user had no control over. The major drawback of the technique was that you simply could not customize anything actually. Which produced it challenging to construct up your individual brand.

Daegan Smith was not branding himself like Jonathan Budd does in his program but you also could not genuinely brand your self. I stayed with they technique for several months but I discovered it challenging to create the transition from folks joining the advertising and marketing program to individuals joining my main organization. I also lacked the abilities it took to drive sufficient targeted traffic to my site in the time.

I’ve not attempted out his maximum leverage Program but. But I will say that my encounter using the Power Prospecting Technique says that Deagan Smith is an superb marketer as well as a fantastic teacher. You might have absolutely nothing to shed by joining his technique,

These days I use My Lead System Pro to create leads on the internet. It really is completely customizable and you control your own e-mail list.Besides the 20 technique campaign capture pages which are ready to go out of the box, there is certainly also training within the back office which is worth over ,000!

Daegan Smith is really a stand up guy, and besides the truth that I do not like his slogan of getting the “King of By no means Calling a Lead” I feel he is a superb marketer!

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