Dad, You have a long Vagina!

“Dad, you have a long vagina!”

So that was what my then 4 year old daughter told me when I took her into the men’s room at the water park.

Wow, kids do say the darndest things sometimes….

Hopefully you did not take offense to this!

For me, the kids are what makes me do what I am doing right and right now…

Writing to you!

If there was ever a reason to get involved in online marketing, it would be so that I would be able to obtain a life that let me spend more time with my kids.

I am a full time science teacher and also coach a couple sports so that I can have the money and the health insurance to get us by.  The extra money I earn with online marketing goes to improving my business now.

As it continues to grow, I will be able to shift more of that money into my daughters (I have three!) college education fund as well as other major savings for them in addition to retirement of course.

I do it for them.

I stay up till all hours of the night so I can build my business.

I basically am working two full time jobs if you consider the time I put into these professions.

Long range goal…have the marketing take over the other jobs to support us.

I would not give up on the coaching though.

For today’s mail, I wanted to point out the idea of a good subject line.

You opened this email for one reason or another and often it is due to the subect you see and whether you open it now or hold off until later in the week, to only end up deleting it.

One of the most important thing you can do with your subjects is to make them follow some important rule…

Subject Tip #1: Provide some quick stat about what was done.  If you share accurate data about what was produced or sold, you are on the right track.

Subject Tip #2: Provide randomness. I think I covered that here extremely well with my subject

Subect Tip #3: Be controversial.  People always want to put their two cents in, especially when you are putting something down that they firmly believe in.

Subject Tip #4: Be shorter than longer.  Quick phrases that fit in the visible area are best. If you try to look at subects on smart phones, you often do not even see the whole line.

Subject Tip #5: Steal from other marketers.  See what lines they used to get you to open their email. If it worked on you, it could work on someone else as well.

When you apply these 5 tips, you will be on your way to improving your open rate.

Now you must remember, you can not just leave it at that.  You have to provide some good content inside as well, otherwise, your click through rate will be very low.  This is the proportion of people who actually click on your link once they see it.

If you know you are promoting a product of service that works well and you have rusults to share with them, you are improving your chances even more.

I like to add video of me using the product or talking about the marketer as I like to own the products I promote and you might remember that from a past email and/or you will see it again in future email.

A perfect example would be with the new Affiliate Cash Snipers software that was released by my buddies Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi.

I have been helping them out in testing their software which is just $47 through clickbank (Only $37 if you close the browser, click OK then click Cancel (as two pop ups will great you for the discount).

Being true to form, I put together a video showing you all about this and also again how to save the extra $10.

See the Affiliate Cash Snipers video which shows the software in use on my computer as well as details about my crazy bonus offers.

This is a major game changer in how affiliate sales are run and opens the game for more people to get involved.

If you run a blog geared towards internet marketing, you can post a sniper for computers, books on MLM and more.

If instead you run a blog on a smaller niche, or micro niche, you can post a sniper on that particular niche.

Whether you want to promote diapers or daisies, you can make a sniper that allows your viewer to customize their order.

Normally when you go through a website and look at a blog with banner ads, you are stuck with one thing only to buy.

This affiliate revolution allows your viewers to instead choose what they want in regards to color, sizes, lengths and much more.

There really is not limit to where you can store your sniper.

Now just to give you an honest result of my stats. In the fouth quarter of 2011, I had a few items listed though my Amazon Associates account and had 33 hits.

In the last 7 days however, I had 25 clicks on items as I had told some people online to check them out and see what they thought.

So far the response has been very positive.

They are still going though upgrades to make the software as user friendly as possible but as you can see from the video, it is pretty easy to manipulate already.

You already took action once opening this email.  Why not take action again now and get your Affiliate Cash Sniper.

Pay for it one time, and make snipers forever that you can put on any website and soon facebook!

To responsive subject lines,

Dave Gardner

PS Make sure you go back and see the bonuses as you will not see these from any other marketer out here and they help alleviate the pain you might be feeling in regards to having to shell out some of your hard earned salary.

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