Customer Loyalty Programs Generate Free Advertising

www.noringadvertising.com (916) 672-1132Social Media Consulting for Remodeling Contractors Customer Loyalty Programs Generate Free Advertising www.seo-advertising.com My name is Lee Noring and I have been in the business of internet business advertising sense 1996. Today lets talk about building Customer Loyalty. Repeat customers is one of the most important factors to business success or failure. One easy low cost way to build Customer Loyalty is by putting your contact information on every thing a customer receives from your business. On your business cards, letter head, invoices, sales receipts, bags and shipping boxes. This is all very easy and cost very little to add your phone number and website URL. About a month ago I received my order of ink pens with my business advertising and contact information imprinted on the outside of the ball point pen. Advertising pens is not a new idea but these pens have a soft round top that works like a standard ink pen clicker. The soft top is something I have never seen before. When I meet someone for the first time when they ask what I do I reach into my pocket pull out one of the imprinted ball point pens with my advertising on it and give it to them. So far everyone has been so excited to get them. I always make a point to demo the soft top clicker to them. Clicking the soft top seems to be habit forming. I must confess it is relaxing clicking the pen 3 or 4 times. Another great thing about giving a useful gift like the ink pen
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  1. 5HourWeek says:

    Thanks Lee for the $100 Google Advertising Gift Card. I plan on spending it all very soon. Thanks for your help.

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