Crystal Eats Donut For Daegan Smith!

crystalcurtisonline.com – maximum leverage Shuts Down? Not before I eat this donut in honor of Daegan Smith… What secrets have you left inside the vault? Get in now before its too late! “Maximum Leverage is closing it’s doors for good and I just found out that Daegan is holding a killer contest where you can win some insane prizes just entering (at the very least you’ll get at least a Amazon gift card just for playing), and he’s giving way several of his best selling products for free as well part of the promotion — it’s kinda crazy. Check out the details here: crystalcurtisonline.com and of course vote for me when it’s time in the contest (wink)” www.youtube.com

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  1. Jerry Maurer says:

    Oh my gosh! Wait till I show this video to my wife who is in THIS video! Crystal, we appreciate you and your creativity!

  2. Crystal Curtis says:

    haha, thanks for the love, D

  3. Daegan Smith says:

    You’re so freaking creative. I LOVE this freaking video young lady.

  4. Angela Maynard says:

    Awesome video Crystal! You always make your video fun to watch.

  5. DavidEDeMarco says:

    You were making me hungry, Crystal! I’m glad it was a good donut! Great video done with your usual style that makes your videos fun to watch.

  6. Crystal Curtis says:

    It *was* a good donut 🙂 Thanks Maty

  7. OneMartyMac says:

    Ha, this is great, fun and honest… hope the donut was awesome too!

  8. Crystal Curtis says:

    “Let me entertain you…” 🙂 @Eric

  9. Eric Marlow says:

    You are a goofball. LOL. I mean that in a good way.

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