Crowdfunding project in support of Greek Tourism

PROJECT Through crowd-funding and social media we plan to co-fund a tourism campaign for Greece in the USA. • Target: minimum 000 • Media: outdoor campaign in a central New York neighborhood for 30 days. This has huge potential for word-of-mouth through media • Plan: funding period Feb-Mar and advertising campaign Mar-Apr This first funding project will work as a pilot for more projects to come in the future.
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  1. mikek74 says:

    bravo paidia!!!!! ena terastio efxaristo kai mia zesti agkalia!!!

  2. giotisss1 says:

    συγχαρητηρια παιδια πολυ καλη πρωτοβουλια.!!!ευχαριστουμε…

  3. MrBillys555 says:

    Bravo mages

  4. freezeme4ever says:

    you re great thank youguys!

  5. jbmclaren says:

    Check out a Facebook page trying to do the same… facebook.com/pages/HELP-SAVE-GREECE-HOLIDAY-THERE/324006742567

  6. myression says:


  7. frantunes1 says:

    Ευχαριστούμε πολύ !!!

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