Crespo’s Creations #6 – More New Signings! FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Road To Glory!

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  1. ScoutingForFifa says:

    Happy Birthday Tom! 😀 

  2. Simon Montag says:

    who is better crespo or romario ? 

  3. AM4GAM3VIDZ says:

    put a 5k bonus or a pack bonus when u make someone rage quit

  4. Marcus Eaglen says:

    Love these series keep up the good work

  5. AWKReMiiX says:

    Lavezzi and Biabiany

  6. The Ultimate Yiz says:

    whats happened to the silver Argentinian team/rare silver/nonrare gold/rare
    gold argntiansn?:(

  7. Andrisss12 says:

    Lavezzi and Lamela/Ben arfa/ Biabiany

  8. LeeEvansFTW1 says:

    Get rid of the bronze bench so you play good opponents

  9. Anthony Light says:

    Switch Kocielney and kaboul!!!

  10. miroklose22 says:


  11. La5ty says:
  12. Reshiram EX says:

    Cb David Luiz or Koscileny Rm Ben Arfa Cam Teves Lm Lavezzi

  13. jack wheelerbrand says:

    Max ironman at least he can speak english

  14. Abdulhakim Mreh says:

    Lavezzi and Biabiany

  15. JImboo999MC says:

    Your going to do lm lavezzi rm zanetti

  16. Uriel Chami says:

    the only you get is fucling rage quit because of your gaming like pretty
    decent and you have a legend in 10th or 9th division

  17. Conor Gosling says:

    You should upload 2 episodes a day because like it a lot 

  18. Fine1Viewer101 says:

    Sell the players in your transfer list?

  19. cyanchicken159 says:

    make this your fina squad 🙂

  20. ACOSTA7HD says:

    In the next Legend, you should give yourself a coin bonus for rage quits :D

  21. Young Niggah says:

    Lavezzi and Ben Arfa

  22. Chewi7z says:

    Hi Guys, If anyone wants a good chance at playing for pink slips sub to my
    channel! I’ll do a giveaway at 200 subs!

  23. Mejo M says:

    use the same nationality as the Legend that u use 

  24. Lewis Evans says:

    La5ty took my fut players!!!!

  25. RFN_Gaming says:


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