Creep – Scala – The Social Network Music Trailer

Creep Scala, Radiohead Cover and the song played during the trailer of the brand new movie directed by David Fincher “The Social Network” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song, Rooney Mara, Andrew Garfield and Joseph Mazzello www.twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MrAnas000123 says:

    Everyone keeps saying how half the stuff isn’t even in the trailer!! Which I think is great so many times trailers give away all the best parts.. It makes me want to see it that much more on fillmsi.co.cc since everyone says all the good stuff isn’t in the trailers!!

  2. commandoslayer says:

    @dekuscrubbyfan888 What ever the name is it would be awesome to make a movie about how youtube was founded and the trio who made it.

  3. dekuscrubbyfan888 says:

    @commandoslayer Um, YouTube isn’t a social network, so it would probably be called “The Video Sharing Website”.

  4. MrAnas000123 says:

    Saw this movie tonight in an advanced screening thing on fillmsi.co.cc, it was hilarious! Like one of the best movies I’ve seen in a really long time, so much better than I was expecting.

  5. jrosepeps says:

    I know they’re filled out on the comic adapted movies but someone should make a blood hunter movie (the 3 issue comics from zuda) it seems cool enough and similar to this. very very similar to this. but not in every way. I saw this one on fillmsi.co.cc this morning.

  6. jrosepeps says:

    I think this movie was over-rated or maybe my expectations are just too high…I didn’t find it to be all that. Anyways it is available on fillmsi.co.cc so if you want it go and get it.

  7. commandoslayer says:

    They Should make The Social Network 2 being about the creation of youtube!

  8. jrosepeps says:

    I saw this one and it was awesome!!! Driving two chargers and having a safe atched to them is awesome and destorying everything behind them. I saw it on fillmsi.co.cc This one and the fourth are my favorites.

  9. jrosepeps says:

    I recommend you to go to fillmsi.co.cc and find out great movies… This one is also their.. we all need sometimes some good time to relax.. go for it then…i enjoy every day and i always need more and more.. Have fun guys with me!

  10. thevortex9000 says:

    It made my day to hear a choir swear
    such a beautiful song… 🙂

  11. piash52j says:

    Great beginning of the film, I have to believe it was made for make people think about their lifes.. I liked everything, I’m just sad it wasn’t last little longer. I think everyone should see this. Romantic and funny… watch it at fillmsi.co.cc now!

  12. piash52j says:

    Film is exquisitely written, directed and played in naturalistic, hand-held style on a shoestring….it’s heartbreaking, romantic and authentic.. I would recommend it to everybody.. See this at fillmsi.co.cc. Besides, great trailer!

  13. ElectricDreamer89 says:

    I would this song at my funeral, but I guess the lyrics are not so suitable for a funeral lol

  14. TheOllie36ify says:

    Listened to this while writing a death scene for an internet series. What a poetic song.

  15. RolandMeyerh says:

    Don’t miss this film.. I give to this 10/10.. If you like watching movies online, there is a great website you can search this film…i recommend it..it’ free, quality and it has the best movies..in my opinion.. Go to fillmsi.co.cc now!

  16. MrGraham710 says:

    @evarulessuckers hell yeah

  17. RolandMeyerh says:

    I was aware that this people did a very good job before warching..but after it ends, I must admit it was much more than I expected..incredibly perfect! I also liked that movie shows some of great places.. It is free at fillmsi.co.cc if you like to see it.

  18. XtSurfMogulXt says:

    @AppleAssassin …but in a planned sort of way.

  19. AppleAssassin says:

    @XtSurfMogulXt Ironic.

  20. john121410 says:

    The best movie I have seen lately. I could say this is funny game between the movie and the audience…this is the game of stop-and-go, hide-and-seek, as the director behind the camera handles things exactly like the guy behind the wheel. You can finish watching this at fillmsi.co.cc.

  21. XtSurfMogulXt says:

    DizzHazard don’t know grammar good

  22. john121410 says:

    There is nothing in this you won’t like… It is absolutely one of the favourite movies for me.. It goes out of the lines… Every new scene brings new action and fun.. A movie to enjoy,. there is nothing else to say. Get this movie now at fillmsi.co.cc..my fav site for online watching..

  23. john121410 says:

    It’s not a chick flick or a dude dramatic plot, it’s about people and their way of living, surviving. It seems to be so real, at moments you think it is really happening.. To be honest, for me this is the best movie ever seen. i recommended it for all. Grab it for free at fillmsi.co.cc!

  24. john121410 says:

    This must be inspired by personal experiences because this seems to be so real while you are watching it. I think it is an original story about friendship, love, survival and finding humor in unlikely places. Amazing Entertainment! let it in your life, mind and heart… A movie for falling in love :). See it.. It is free at fillmsi.co.cc!

  25. DizzHazard says:

    25 people doesn’t know their true meaning of life.

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