Creep [Choir Version Cover] (The song on The Social Network movie trailer)

This is that great song found on the trailer that is making this movie epic. Great song
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JayAtStreets says:

    …I really need an youtube automatic replay button!

  2. seanankerr says:

    @swissnisan523 Cool let us know when you die!

  3. swissnisan523 says:

    This songs gonna be played on my funeral over and over again….

  4. ReedDollaz15 says:

    this song is so god damn good. its on itunes, and i bought that shit immeadiately

  5. CatherineShiQiu says:


  6. willardpatrick2000 says:

    cant even believe people made a movie like that, ize here for the song yare!

  7. Schmyd says:

    @OtisCallsItGood Boo fucking hoo you lying bitch. If this were true, you shouldn’t be on the internet surfing youtube to post pity lines.

  8. Schmyd says:

    @OtisCallsItGood Boo fucking hoo you emo bitch.

  9. Xxnicoroxxx says:

    @LicoriceLain i agree. and i don’t sympathize with people who hate on themselves. They’re just lost.

  10. seanankerr says:

    @vfaetz steady on you’re not dead yet!

  11. Dnll55489 says:

    -_- I’m related to this. *sigh*

  12. HarmonyMelodyable says:

    tears all over the replay button…

  13. phils0209 says:

    what does it say in the first second of this song.. before the music starts its like a whisper that says ” its not true”.. wtf..

  14. MrAlexander19911 says:

    I know what you should do. Go home and finish school! Forgive your dad for what ever you think he did and apologize for the shit you did do, unless of course he molested you in which case you should cut off his dick and choke him to death with it.

  15. maurigrezeno says:

    @dynhemyte01 Yeap

  16. dynhemyte01 says:

    …This was on The Social Network? O___o

  17. magicoA says:

    this is a great song with a great message, cuz under it all, we are all creeps and weirdos, to everyone else, if not to ourselves and once we accept that, then other people will too

  18. eiroight says:

    just heard it on the simpsons

  19. DJDALLYDEE says:

    @OtisCallsItGood Hey, I love you. Maybe that’s all you needed to hear? : ) You’ll get through this, there’s so much bad in the world but amidst it is true goodness. You’ll get through this : )

  20. jpnkiwi says:

    this.is so.good…the music is showing my heart.it’s beating so fast.it’s embarrassing.

  21. tonyjoe278 says:

    If you just see things from my point of view, you could see whats making me sad. knowing you, it wont change. Nothing will change!!! what am i to you? huh, really. i thought we where in this together, but i find myself standing here alone…

  22. tonyjoe278 says:

    If you could see whats making me sad you would see things from my point off view, but knowing you it wont change. Nothing will!!!

  23. RedundantComments says:

    @TheBlackhawk58 How can you say that it’s better..?
    This is so different from the original, there’s no way you can compare the two..

  24. DamesPoker says:

    @OtisCallsItGood I don’t know your story but don’t give up, do what you need to do. You don’t need fear, fear is a useless emotion. Don’t be afraid, even of making mistakes. The human experience all about learning.

  25. TheBlackhawk58 says:

    Radiohead version is better , but this song is pretty good

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