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  1. so money is the only thing you need for this? will 50000 be enough to make a site to compete with facebook or myspace.

    lets say 11000 for someone to make it and get patent for the name etc. would that be enough?

  2. You are right lisa, I am too ambitious to create one social networking but it is really very hard and complicated unless I will pay someone to do it for me. Ive been watching few of your videos and i appreciate your being frank and honest to give your listeners insight. Thanks

  3. you right, I hate when here people asking for a something easy or free to build a website or social networking, thay want to copy and paste and create a “”””popular”””” website

  4. Lisa!! I accidently paid for a host and domain name at Website Palace!!! My website is supposed to be aimed for forum type social networking. Can u please give me advice on how to edit my site and stuff please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. what she’s saying kinda make sense, but it’s not that hard to make a social networking site, all you need is time 1 to 2 years if you programming it from scratch all by yourself or less than 1 year if you’re in a team. the hardest part of social networking is promoting it “get people to signed up”. that’s where you gonna have to start spending money. you don’t need money to build social network site all u need is programming skills and a web server that supporst the scripts u gon be using .

  6. You can’t compete with FB, but there is room for small specialist social networks. I have created a couple of them using Elgg, and open source social networking platform.

  7. im in middle school i am not telling you my age buy i am making a social networking site either i am awesome at computers or its not so hard because I have made many websites but its not really that hard i have spent like 3 years trying to lear c++ and stuff like that takes a hell of an amount of work to do that but in the end its freaking worth it and if you get partners and sponsors than cha Ching.

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