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  1. I always recommend using wall.fm, its very easy to use and I have used it myself. Spruz is also a decent one but it has less features. I really haven’t tried a lot of the other ones.

  2. Lately il been looking for a way to create a social network but I didn’t know where to start .by you created this video , you give me a idea how to go about it and thank you very much .my question to you is which one of those site that you name is the best site I could use to created my social network ?

  3. There is jcow but I wouldn’t suggest using that one because they are getting sued by FB. I suggest Oxwall or Elgg

  4. All of them (except Ning) have a free option. they have limited features but you can still do a lot on the free accounts.

  5. does these cost money i dont want to get money or have to give money i just want to create can u tell me if one or wich one can do to the following of what i want

  6. snaster . com <-----------hey guys its a new SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE launch today its a really cool website.its better than facebook n twitter created by me it have really cool features including video chat with strangers , live chat online tv etc. so go n start snaster pplz 😀 thumbs up so every one can see next facebook 😀

  7. im creating my own social site (not using anything like buddypress or any other like it) imdoinmg full hard coding (pure php) if anyone want to help with the coding and errors please pm me

  8. LOL, well I will get to it when I can. I have just run out of things to do tutorials on, but since you requested it; I’ll do it.

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