Create An “About Me” That Makes You Magnetically Attractive Online

Create An “About Me” That Makes You Magnetically Attractive Online

Article by Caleb Clayton

According to Jupiter Research, over 90% of men start online dating cancel their subscription after 3 months. That’s because they only get 2-10 responses in that time…Meanwhile the other 10% of guys get 90% of all the girls. In order to get good at meeting women online, you must build a new set of skills. The Majority of men have no clue how to attract women online. You first have to learn how to write a powerful “About Me” section in your online dating profile.

Most guys don’t stand a chance for the start, because are cliche and boring to women…

In their About Me section, they typically list out all their personal adjectives that make them good. “I am loyal, funny, affectionate, smart…yadda yadda yadda…”

EVERY boring other guy is doing this… and what’s worse… it does nothing to make a woman feel attraction.

To make a woman feel attraction, she must stimulate her emotionally. This is not done by trying to convince her you are a good catch, but rather, by making her fantasize being with or around you. If you can tell a compelling story about yourself, she will be able to get a great sense of what you are like and will much more likely feel attraction.

Don’t say, I’m loyal, affectionate, funny….

Tell her, “There’s nothing I love more than to lead my football team to victory. I’ve been at it for over three years, and I wouldn’t trade my comrade for the world…and win or lose, once we’ve done a game, we always keep our heads high, and try to get back to

A good About Me section is a great start to online dating, but combined with my other techniques, you can literally expect to have the closest thing to an automatic date-getting system in existence. For more info on this visit my website!

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Caleb Clayton is a professional dating coach and social circle expert. He is the author of, “Social Circle Game: A Guide To Dating And Social Mastery,” He consults guys one on one and helps them build a large social circle, make more friends, and date more women. Learn more about social circle game at http://www.TheCollegeCupids.com.

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