CRAZY LADY FLIPS TABLE! – Jon and Kate PREGNANT?- Lohan Leggings?! – Miley + Nick- Megan Fox Song!

“The one where Buck rips off his shirt and flips a table” Thanks for rating & Faving! Please subscribe for more! Comment Questions of the Day: 1. What do you think Jon and Kate will announce? 2. Would you watch a Lindsay Lohan/Ryan Seacrest reality show? 3. Who is crazier – the exercising topless lady on She’s Got the Look or the table flipper on Real Housewives of NJ?? (watch my reinactments and decide!) 4. Did you scream or boo when Miley came out LIVE to sing with Nick? Bonus Discussion topics: Watch the video and comment on any of the awesome topics! Are you watching She’s Got the Look. The Hills making girls bulimic, Heidi doing Playboy! Did you love the Very Tasteful song…… how sexy I look in my dress?! Quote of the video “Beauty is spiritual and so are my tits” Thanks to Billy for letting me use his song: Sub him! verytasteful.com www.youtube.com _______________________ Links: buckhollywood.com -BONUS VIDEO IS UP! http twitter.com ______ In this episode, Buck ponders the fate of Jon and Kate, imagines what Lindsay Lohan’s new Seacrest helmed reality show will be like, talks Miley and Nick’s LIVE reunion, US Weekly’s affection for all skanks uninteresting AND he reinacts She’s Got the Look and Real Housewives of NJ! It’s a major video! LOL

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  1. altyroo says:

    (╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻

  2. homelessken says:

    Our Host seems to float, or shold I say, tear down the rappids of Vicodan and Red Bull. His intelligence exceeds his energy, if that’s possible. If I called him hyper he would say,” Individuals residing in chrystiline domiciles…must assidiousely avoild projecting freagmentary geological specimens”, I agree. so I’ll just say….NIIIIICE!

  3. peaceshellpeace says:

    aww buck your old camera haha!

  4. rouge137 says:

    this is the best what the buck ever.
    just saying :3

  5. Iamsoradical says:

    I love you!

  6. stoolie10 says:

    lame ass!

  7. Symon2239 says:

    LADY GAGA’S out of this world – and so are her curves as she poses TOPLESS for the first time. – – Naked Lady Gaga. C000M –

  8. MedusasLover168 says:

    3:20 omg I remember that episode

  9. Bioniclejab says:

    Everytime I watch his vidz I dide from the cuteness.!!!! Luv ya buck!!

  10. magsandtay says:

    I love the fly on the wall part!!! Hahah lol

  11. krose14xo says:

    this might just be my favorite what the buck of ALL TIME. omg so many freaking hilarious moments hahaha

  12. NikkytheFABULOUSS says:

    how nice, is it that you take the time to comment on his videos.
    hes just TOO great 🙂

  13. fashion16able says:


  14. KissMeClay says:

    It’s definitely a good thing that you had shorts under that dress.

  15. polytypyitqfp says:

    mint lmao nice titties. she is similar 2 a girl i met in Elizabethville. RudeyTube definately has lots better vids comapred to you-tube though

  16. TheNintend0Br0thers says:

    Miley is Banging JB :/

  17. TheOrangetriforce says:


  18. joblessalex says:


  19. egfilmer says:


  20. TheLundsgaard says:

    thats to annoying to hear !

  21. kelo0ne says:


  22. JYK1002 says:

    Dude, sorry but… Caras the oldest. But she is kinda lesbo beacause she reminds me off boy. But yeah, Mady is prob all peg only because the boy she slepp was only because she was famouse. Why else would anyone wonna sleep with that b****

  23. BassBitch420 says:

    you talk a lot about nothing…

  24. sexybetches3128 says:

    u look good in a dress

  25. completepcs says:

    Man this is wrong!
    If anybody has not seen it the real video is here
    you tube wont let me post the link so take out the (dot) and replace with .


    2girls one cup

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