Crazy Japan Commercial Ad: Gatsby Commercial

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  1. MrEbizio says:

    chin charan chirong chiran cho-rong “clap clap”

  2. skeaneable says:

    for once I agree with Senator Kelly from X-Men:ALL MUTANTS MUST BE EXTERMINATED!

  3. MasynIsBeast says:

    If I use this will I be able to make my hair clap!? :D

  4. ceciamadora says:

    I believe they might be singing…”if your hair is healthy and you know clap your hair?”

  5. HiMeKeN says:

    Im in the weird part of internet again…

  6. cowcow47238 says:

    The song is very happy, safe and healthy. All Japanese know this song is healthy blight song. So, combined with weird looking of young gangs, it’s funny. just like the scarely looking kids insisting “we are healthy, don’t mean hurt anybody”

  7. cowcow47238 says:

    shapes and colors of our own hair, I mean.

  8. cowcow47238 says:

    It’s 10 or more years ago this commercial is broadcasted, and my impression and understanding for this video is: The message in this hair dye commercial for teelagers or young gangs in Japan is, “Yes, It’s right that we can choose shapes or colors we like by ourselves. We don’t need to obey any customs, orders from shit adults or atomospheres of the society. Anyways, we are happy in this way. (So let’s use this hair dye)”

  9. cowcow47238 says:

    It’s not a creepy commercial but funny one. THe music is well-known in Japan, “Let’s clap our hands when we feel happy”, the old song of Kyuu Sakamoto who also known as a singer of “Sukiyaki song”. In this video, Masahiro Motoki an actor who also act amazingly in “おくりびと (departures)” sang the song as “let’s clap our hair when we feel happy.”

  10. SonicWolvelina99 says:


  11. robotchicken448 says:


  12. johannessont says:

    How THE FUCK did i camed here?!

  13. LaotianGuitarPlayer says:

    Haha I’m staying in America

  14. GraphicSparrow says:

    “wanna go trip to Japan WITHOUT touching your monthly salary?” Nooo, not really…

  15. loicplayer says:

    0:22 Why does he look so deep in my soul ?

  16. breomans says:

    i first seen this i thought he was ganna clap his hands but the hair lmao i think its really funny its not really creepy till the end lmao

  17. Automatic0220 says:

    This is one of the creepiest and funniest videos ever!

  18. bonesschance says:

    Ok. Yesterday I said this is kinda creepy. No. The only creepy part now is that its stuck in ma head

  19. Iceman4181 says:

    Lol this shit is creepy as fuck

  20. cambojuan says:

    great, now I have a boner.

  21. Jemoregotin says:

    you can see at the end that he wants to laugh so bad! lolol

  22. bonesschance says:

    Kinda creepy but still awesome

  23. ThePangolinman says:

    its ok i dont need to sleap tonight anyway

  24. bae123456 says:


  25. aquoslover200 says:

    Even the actor couldn’t take it 0:23 XD

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