Cracked Glass Butterfly Technique – Stampin’ Up!

stampwithtami.com Watch your stress melt-away with this “stress relief” card, the tearing, crumpling and color spritzing techniques really work it out! And just wait until you get to the cracked glass technique on the butterfly, it looks like a family heirloom. You’ll love this gorgeous installment in my series this week on the Elements of Style stamp set. Designed by my friend and downline, Jenni Ingerick. Click here for more information and to order products: stampwithtami.com Tami White Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator www.stampwithtami.com
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  1. stampwithtami says:

    Hi there and thanks for writing. All of these supplies are available in my online store. Simply click the link in the description of this video for direct links. The Glassy Glaze emboss powder has been discontinued since this video was shot. You can substitute clear emboss powder and use a 3rd coat. Enjoy, tami

  2. Gnav Anna says:

    – i was wondering where could we buy those package of making a butterfly , thanks .

  3. Kathryne Knowles says:

    Awesome thanks so much -I will give it a try!! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. stampwithtami says:

    Thanks so much. Since this video’s release a year and a half ago, the glassy glaze emboss powder has been discontinued. The good news is, I’ve tried this with clear emboss powder, and if you add an additional coat it comes out the same. Tami

  5. Kathryne Knowles says:

    Hi Tami

    Does Stampin Up still carry this glossy glaze?  I could not find this in the catalogue love love love your card as always!

  6. stampwithtami says:

    Thanks so much!! Tami

  7. mrsengeseth says:

    LOVE your videos. 🙂 Your enthusiasm is catchy!

  8. stampwithtami says:

    Thanks for writing! Stamp on!! Tami

  9. stampwithtami says:

    Thanks! Tami

  10. BigBadStuffedBunny says:

    u gotta love her enthusiasm …

  11. looloo855 says:

    Respond to this video…  her show is awesome

  12. looloo855 says:

     her name isn’t julie

  13. looloo855 says:

    i did all her tecnics

  14. stampwithtami says:

    Live it, love it…stamp it!! LOL!! Rock on and thank you! Tami

  15. 4evercommited says:

    Live it!

  16. mreinstein48 says:

    you are very enervating when speaking!

  17. stampwithtami says:

    thanks Julie!! Just think of that happy dirty versamark ink pad like a dirty kid…they love it hehehe! Tami

  18. arrelu1 says:

    esta genial!!..porq no lo ponen en español??..y venden esa cortadora en mexico??

  19. stampwithtami says:

    Versamark is a special ink pad. It doesn’t havea color. I have a TV series episode on embossing on my website. I’ll message you the link YT won’t let me post it here. This may help you.

  20. Erica Zhou says:

    so is the versamark ink pad for the emboss powder to stick just normal ink? what colour is it supposed to be?

  21. stampwithtami says:

    Thank you! Happy to inspire. Yes, you need the versamark ink pad for the emboss powder to stick (before melting). You can click the link in the video description for a list of all of the supplies used in the video and to order them thru my online store. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

  22. Erica Zhou says:

    you know how you used the versamark ink pad before sprinkling the powder on? do you always have to do that before applying powder so it will stick or something? and what ink pads are you supposed to use for that?
    by the way, GORGEOUS. so loving it! (:

  23. debbieapps says:

    Another great one…… will be trying this!!!

  24. wendywii says:


  25. LiraGlam says:

    nice 🙂 i love it

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