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Available Here: tinyurl.com Project Highlights: – FULL HD Resolution 1080p – No Plug-Ins or Pre-Renders – Well organised project file – Includes full length 5min+ video tutorial narrated by AcrezHD – After Effects CS5 only – Simple Clean Professional design – For Corporate or Personal projects – Fast render time ——————————————————- Subscribe to my YouTube Homepage: – youtube.com ——————————————————- Follow me on Twitter: – twitter.com ——————————————————- ‘Like’ the Official Facebook Fan Page: – tinyurl.com Extra Tags: acrezhd after effects cs5 videohive project advertising business corporate facebook twitter indent links media social network youtube

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  1. ZenTaah says:

    Hey acrez could you PLEASE make a tutorial on how to put like 3D Text onto buildingts in cod edits?

  2. TheChannelForGeeks says:

    I know you probably wont see this but I cant believe you getting famous off of yourself no college help or anything!!!! I’m proud bro!

  3. kieren2137 says:


  4. xozcarsalas says:

    Great composition. Effective and simple, but i feel it a bit empty for this kind of videos. Should be more attractive.

  5. xXAcrayXx says:

    @AcrezHD will you marry me <3 (full homo nah jks haha 😛

  6. nicolaiaquilina says:

    wow fantastic
    good work

  7. deimamax says:

    am i the only one who feel epic by hearing this music???

  8. MrSuppermar says:

    Free intros for everyone.
    Pm me if you want one.

  9. PixelDesignHD says:

    Hello everyone i am looking for a job a graphic designer, it’s no real job since it’s for school and it’s only for 5 days, and i really need it since school is almost starting again.. so, if anyone is searching for a graphic designer that’ll do it for free please contact me..
    – Also, could you guys please thumbs this up so other can also see it?
    i don’t ask it usually but, i really need it.. 🙁

  10. r2zibit says:

    @TAPORZZ1 I sent you the link 🙂 When will you start rendering do you reckon?

  11. TAPORZZ1 says:

    This is my first animated video… It cant be compared to Acrez’s videos, but I hope you all like it!

  12. r2zibit says:

    @TAPORZZ1 That should be fine man 🙂 Its only cos im on my laptop it wont really work too well 🙂 ile send you in about 40 mins 🙂 is that okay?

  13. TAPORZZ1 says:

    Hey… My PC Has only 4GB of RAM, but maybe its enough?
    You can PM me the download link…

  14. ArcheHD says:

    Hey could you tell me whats the music name is ?

  15. r2zibit says:

    My computer hasn’t got enough RAM to render a project ive been working on Can someone with a powerful computer render it for me?

  16. PiixeI says:

    1 Word. ”Amazing”

  17. TheNoobishGamer says:

    @TheFlamingCookie You really think hes going to look at it?

    I looked at it.. and it kinda sucked sorry.

  18. VencaZajicek says:

    niiiice work ..name of the song pls? O:)

  19. deimamax says:

    Do a tutorial how to do this if you know how plz…

  20. XakerArt says:

    can u make a video tutorial in Adobe After effects :
    i want to slow down myself in video while all other people on the video are running in normal speed and *sorry for my english*

  21. SirAddm says:

    @JosheyFX You have to buy the template from VideoHive. Link in the description.

  22. Teqnicality says:


  23. Teqnicality says:

    @JosheyFX Read description LOL!

  24. ZeroEditsHD says:

    Hey Guys i just started a channel and i am planning yo upload amazing editing and im not really big at all my channel is extremely small and i was hopeing the trickshot community and the editing community will help me get to a start it will really help if u just viewed a video thats all and some feedback would be amazing or advice:)
    peace and love

  25. OhPANDR says:

    holy fudgesickles

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