Cool Magnet Gun – How it Works

The Gauss Gun uses magnetic attraction to propel a steel ball according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion. This principle may be used to launch satellites into…
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  1. mr0 monopoly says:

    wow pretty cool for a kid i had no idea how these worked nice

  2. N Kouri says:

    Finally I see how this works… Thanks…

  3. Science Club - Kids and Parents says:

    Thanks, this is a children’s channel… :o)

  4. Zaid Ahmed says:

    Nice video 7 year old xD

  5. SciFi481 says:


  6. Peter Daugherty says:

    I never saw it like this before. I loved the recoil at video moment 3:15

  7. Prasun Bheri says:

    very interesting video.. good job

  8. Rafan Ahmed says:

    Nice you are awesome

  9. Solar Pal says:

    Neat explanation….

  10. Norm Green says:

    Physics and fun. Good Job!



  12. N Davis says:

    Marvelous explanation!!! You demonstrated both the Gauss Gun and Newton’s
    Third Law very well – for children and grown-ups. You’ll make a great

  13. Lisa Olsen says:

    this is a nice family project channel. thanks for sharing, now I understand
    how this works. A++

  14. R Wilson says:

    Nice work. Well explained. The magnetic attraction replaces the energy of
    the pendulum ball falling. Using electrical current on a set of magnets can
    make this effect much stronger. You may even send satellites into space?
    Maybe one day!

  15. Siravit Praditkul says:
  16. Ranko Čoklica says:
  17. Norm Green says:

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