Conspiracy – The Facebook CIA Connection

Everyone enjoys the speed and efficiency which they can stay in contact with their friends using the internet, especially after the creation of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. But are these sites all just fun and games or are they really being used by the CIA to gain information about you that they couldn’t legally get otherwise?

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  1. WILKINSTV says:

    you guys do know this was just a joke that came from the onion news network,right?

  2. PoombaJaggaYo says:

    @ph33rMyPhac3 Why because of Mac?

  3. joshisastral says:

    oh yea make those eyebrows dance, they compliment the image of your manliness

  4. BeatznHookz says:

    who cares if your a bad guy then yeah you should be worried there are billions of people on earth stop being paranoid america fear is how they control the populous

  5. BeatznHookz says:

    @tinoDUB – he shoulda got some beats from me for this video – lol

  6. ph33rMyPhac3 says:

    I stopped watching here.

  7. InfinityParamount says:

    @Bouchon211 ROFL!!!! you obviously don’t know what ur talking about, ur just throwing words out there. i can do that too if u want..

  8. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount No idea what I was talking about? Read my fucking previous posts i’m not gonna explain myself multiple times when what I wrote is saved right here on youtube. And I know you well enough to realize you are brainwashed and/or braindead. Don’t even respond unless you’re gonna respond with a coherent argument on the original subject to refute me.

  9. InfinityParamount says:

    @Bouchon211 lmao, i asked you that question because i knew you had no idea what you were talking about. btw, i love how you used the word “brainwashed” because you know me very well, don’t you?

  10. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount Sorry for having actual information and evidence instead of one-line rhetoric you don’t even realize was ingrained into you from perpetual TV watching. You’re clearly just a brainwashed sheep too far gone to ever come back, go play some COD and watch sports i’m sick of talking to brain dead people.

  11. InfinityParamount says:

    @Bouchon211 you make no sense at all…what are you trying to prove?!?!?!?! make it simple when you reply.

  12. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount Let me me stop being politically correct and rephrase “use your imagination” as “use your fuckin brain”. HOW IS IT A CONSPIRACY THEORY IF ITS BEEN ADMITTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT?! Again read the terms of service and why are you disregarding the examples i’ve already mentioned… THEY HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE LOCAL POLICE STATIONS AND THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

    If you are gonna answer with some stupid bullshit without any reason or real argument just fuck off.

  13. InfinityParamount says:

    @Bouchon211 well, there you have it. you just said “use your imagination” which proves my point. nothing but a lame conspiracy. and believe me, if people had to keep something away from the cia, they would use facebook wisely

  14. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount It’s obvious, but use you’re imagination in how these programs which search for keywords and can easily be used against you. And how many times do I have to give you evidence how it’s already been used and you still say its all good. You shouldn’t assume everyone is as dull and inconspicuous as you.

  15. InfinityParamount says:

    @Bouchon211 yeah, i already knew they did that; i don’t need to read the entire agreement. they don’t do this to get in ur lives and know what useless shit ur doing. they do it so they can advertise by demographics. for instance, they take key words you may type into ur status (like: “excited for halloween!!”), facebook will advertise companies that paid them specifically on certain accounts. not all advertisements go to everybody. a 40 y-o will get other ads than a 15 y-o. it’s only marketing.

  16. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount Oh and actually Facebook data-mines everything on your page automatically and sells it to corporations for marketing purposes. Just read the service agreement and you will see everything im saying is truth.

  17. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount I didn’t say the arrests were a good thing at all, I just pointed out that they are obviously using Facebook as a tool. There are LOCAL police stations that can access public AND private information so don’t act like we’re basically anonymous. I just stated that AVERAGE STUDENTS IN SAN FRANCISCO decided to have a peaceful demonstration and it was thwarted by the police because they used Facebook.

  18. InfinityParamount says:

    @Bouchon211 To answer your question, I’m not stupid. I was pointing out the fact that people shouldn’t complain about privacy. Now, you’re talking about arrests; which sort of come out of nowhere. I never said Facebook was useless, it can be used for good things. However, as for majority, privacy isn’t an issue. This conspiracy should stop because the world doesn’t revolve around some idiot who uses Facebook. Almost 7 billion people on this world, the world won’t revolve around anyone.

  19. Bouchon211 says:

    @InfinityParamount Are you stupid? Facebook was used in Libya and during the London riots. Facebook was confirmed to have been used in making arrests and predicting future behaviors in these cases. Just recently in San Francisco all cellphones were temporarily shut down based on users planning a demonstration solely through Facebook.

    Get out of your little world and wake up.

  20. InfinityParamount says:

    this is funny because who would give a fuck what dumbass teenagers are talking about…i fucking hate it when people complain about their privacy on the internet; NOBODY fucking cares about ur life.

  21. DBZmusicboy01 says:

    @shitdollarlips ….Bro…I am sorry but your account is still there..no matter what its impossible to delete your account..it only puts it to sleep…so it means it wont ever die

  22. misstabbithachrista says:

    you can’t delete your account. it just deactivates it.

  23. yogocomedy says:

    they probably do this with youtube also only problem is that most users on youtube dont put up much info nor vids

  24. TheCHEVYNATOR says:

    Actually how intelligent would the CIA be if they didnt use facebook for info

  25. RedNYello505 says:


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