Company of Heroes 2 – Leaked Gameplay!

Company of Heroes 2 – Leaked Gameplay (Commentary not by me) DayZ Standalone Gameplay Southice Join League of Legends: http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref…

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  1. madinsomaniac says:

    It’s real, this is an Alpha.

  2. TheSovietSamurai says:

    This is no mod, You’re confusing it with the “Eastern Front” fan-made expansion.

  3. michelle burruel says:

    its preety cool my son wants it so bad

  4. masterbaf says:

    If this is a mod, then it’s fucking good mod, because I thought it was real. If not, then some of you are just either jelaous of this guy playing it before you, idiots or just some people that try to mess things up on youtube.

  5. KillYou Bithc says:

    Russian Hacker BEST

  6. MsMouseFeather says:

    thats no mod


    This is a mod you dumasses.

  8. TheArmanduxxxx says:

    its not coh 2 mostly its mod

  9. CoolKidX85 says:

    That maxim machine gun looks really strong, I mean, you can move it so fast and its just early game. Any opinions?

  10. SuperJeffrey7575 says:

    Damn I never thought the alpha version looks like CAC which really means that COH is based on CAC

  11. armaita22 says:

    Don’t forget the video is in 360p in 1080 it should be alot better

  12. Serser85 says:

    Alfa version is always looks like shit. Release version should be amazing, I hope. Thank you for video dude!

  13. Pedro Casal says:

    Boas, Vais ter de me arranjar o Coh alpha, faz upload ai em qualquer site para eu o sacar e meter e rolar na minha maquina… Deve dar…

  14. Wilson Willie Anderlots says:

    The UI is like going back to 90s scheiße

  15. Autokiller36 says:

    duude nice one, how’d you get this video?

  16. Asa RandundBand says:

    Cool video!!!

  17. MrRetoft says:

    it will be better… All gameplay and alpha should only be surported by Dx9.. when the game comes out it should be with Dx11 or 12 as far as i have heard.

  18. Scorponizer says:

    I hope they will polish the graphics quite a bit before they release, it could be quite a bit sharper.

  19. CrackStuntMan7 says:

    fuck my b hole with your tree hole

  20. Xxblink7 says:

    PETASAN, lol this vidya, maybe it will stop all of the fan boy orgasms in the comment section in the hairyness of the beta terms relase date which eggs are fucked by egg drop soup which screams no in my head hey chesse ray, ray. k ARARARARARARR

    this was for me friend lol

  21. CrackStuntMan7 says:


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