Come Together

Come Together Director: Buck Creative Director: Orion Tait Executive Producer: Kate Treacy Producer: Kitty Dillard Art Directors: Yker Moreno, Gareth OBrien Animation Director: Gareth OBrien Additional Animation: Chris Phillips Lead Stop Motion Animator: Chad Colby Design: Yker Moreno, Gareth OBrien, Pete McDonald Lead Compositor: Chris Phillips Additional Compositors: Gareth OBrien, Yker Moreno, Chad Colby Production Assistant: Billy Mack Build Crew: Chad Colby, Rose Collins, Kitty Dillard, Victoria Grant, Erin Lindsey, Yker Moreno, Gareth OBrien, Chris Phillips, Ann Seymour Stop Motion Crew: Chad Colby, Kitty Dillard, Gareth OBrien Laser Cutting: Bella Engraving Original Music: John Forte SUNDANCE INSTITUTE Creative Direction, Sundance Institute: Robert Redford, Jan Fleming Creative Direction by: Josh Rogers Directed by: Buck Laboratory Services Provided by: FotoKem On-Line and Film Finishing: FotoKem Producer: Steve Celniker Final Sound Mixing: Eric Martell, Martell Sound Sundance Liasons: Jessica Buzzard, Robert Dick

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  1. I only saw to things: The states is flushed by waves and nationawide earthquake followed…(pure observation from the video…)

  2. I know many people who would take offense to this just because you used the word, “rebel.” While the meaning of this word can be a very positive thing, it has evolved to mean something very different in many parts of the country. There are people who dislike rebels and there are people who consider themselves as rebels.

    How about the word “unite”? I like it…

  3. It is awful. We have so much rebellion
    going on now, we are destroying our
    earthly home and killing each other
    and the love of money and war will not
    create jobs or, prosperity. We are too sick
    to know we are sick. We have to rebel
    against harming and injuring each other.

  4. You are so right. There is only one law and one government. It is
    called “love” and means we are not to
    harm and injure each other.
    He came to tell us to love our neighbor the way we love ourselves.
    He gave forgiveness for free and those
    who had the business of forgiving sins
    were afraid they would lose their jobs.
    He was turned into
    a religion and is sold like merchandise.
    Jesus still is a Jew and is coming
    back. .

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  6. I’m not going anywhere, whoroku. Too bad if you don’t like hearing the truth. This video is dismissing very real fundamental ideological differences (about the role of govt) in a naive and phony call for unity. How funny that we see these kinds of calls for unity now, when vocal opposition to Obama’s disastrous policies are growing by the day, whereas when Bush was in office we were bombarded with proclamations of how patriotic dissent is and how we should “speak truth” to power. It’s BS

  7. I’d advise you too read what the founders specifically wrote in regards to that section, because it’s purpose was quite clear. It has become the constitutions weakness simply because of the fact elected officials use it’s loose interpretation to do as they please, which has been done for every other part of the constitution, so it really doesn’t matter.

    It adds no power not already enumerated. It only allows congress the leeway necessary and proper to carry out enumerated powers.

  8. Wrong.

    It’s quite sad people actually believe that gives congress what ever powers it feels like having.

    The constitution, it’s purpose and relevance should be mandatory in every freaking school.

    This is just getting sad.

  9. This is literally not at all what the video is saying. At all. Your perception of this let alone any government situation is skewed and incorrect. Please leave.

  10. This new generation really has no concept of unity. Rebel to come together. Catchy phrase, but misguided. We are together. It is called United States of America. Do you hate your neighbor? Does your neighbor hate you? Love your family, invite your neighbors over, and build a life worth remembering. Unplug from the TV.  Go hiking, camping, or explore some place new. Don’t worry about democracy. It ebbs and flows just like the tides of the oceans. Take action, don’t talk about it.

  11. Here:
    “To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.”
    -Article I, Section 8, U.S. Constitution
    It’s called the “necessary and proper” clause, I believe, and it has nifty effect of giving congress what ever powers it feels like having.

  12. Or, instead of compromise, perhaps the retarded American people can actually be citizens and make sure their elected officials follow the constitution, which has long been discarded. If politicians followed the constitution like they’re supposed to, because it is the highest law of the land, then many stupid, unfair and unjust and wasteful laws wouldn’t pass.

    Or even better, allow what ever % of each party a certain number of seats via the total number. So 3rd party educated voters count.

  13. I don’t think this video is promoting any specific left or right agenda, I think it is just trying to point out that we as a nation can not move forward until some deep ideological differences are rectified through unity. That being said this rationale is wrong, as since the time of the American revolution, and even prior to that, this country has never fully embraced an entirely liberal or conservative agenda or complete unity. Clearly compromise needs to be the future agent of change in D.C.

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