Coldplay – Clocks – Adrian Lee Version (piano tutorial)

Here is the piano tutorial for the song, “Clocks” by Coldplay. Requested by: TheUnknown550, Drummer2k7, photochick98, DeanMetrosexualCity, NationalHQ, juanca8679, D0nuts87 Credits: Title: Clocks Artist: Coldplay Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head Piano Arrangement: 0AdRiaNleE0 Transcription, MIDI: tilt1981 You can watch Adrian’s original piano cover here: Sheet music, MIDI file: Facebook: Software used: Anvil Studio – for editing midi Audacity – for editing audio FL Studio – for editing midi LAME – for encoding mp3 MadTracker – for exporting to midi MilkyTracker – for tracking song MuseScore – for transcribing sheet music Synthesia – for playing completed song VirtualDub – for editing video/audio

25 Replies to “Coldplay – Clocks – Adrian Lee Version (piano tutorial)”

  1. Can you please do a piano tutorial for Adrian Lee’s arrangement for Coldplay’s song Shiver from their album Parachutes?

  2. Look, if you have problems doing this with a real piano, just use a keyboard and set it on “OCTAVES” . That simple.

  3. To people talking about needing multiple hands and fingers to play this: Um, no… I’m trying to figure out which part it is that made people think that, with no success :/.

  4. This is a direct transcription of Adrian Lee’s cover which he plays with his two hands! Check out his channel if you haven’t already. The guy is a beast!

  5. It is quite easy to play once you get the hang of it as it is very repetitive, but granted you have to be 0adrianlee0 level to do it. He is beyond awesome.

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