Clever Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media

Clever Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media

A lot of hype has been generated lately in marketing circles regarding social media and its ability to serve as an effective advertising for business owners. It is a known fact that social media marketing is the rising star of the internet business world for the last few years. Social media marketing is marketing through social media networks and online communities and social media advertising help businesses get exposure through social media sites and target more audience. Using the internet to your advantage is what’s going to keep your brand name out there.

When social media marketing was first introduced only a few were interested as many doubted its potential benefits. It was during those times when only a few have realized that Social media can be an excellent marketing platform for small businesses, especially when it is used as part of a comprehensive marketing and advertising. Not only for marketing, social media is making it easier to find the right jobs, and for you to connect to the right people that can help you get those jobs. As social media became an important aspect of the lives of people all over the world, a lot of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Youtube and other social media users and business owners slowly used social media for advertising and promotional offers and embraced the social media marketing.

Business owners also found ways on how to cleverly use social media on their advantages. Some Facebook, Twitter or Youtube applications are utilized to the advantage of business owners to promote products, advertise and gain customers.

Restaurant owners gain popularity with their restaurants and brand names due to the use of social media. In Facebook for example, Marketing doesn’t end by just creating a Facebook page. Marketers load their Facebook page with useful applications to advertise and optimize their visibility. Restaurant ratings can be viewed by displaying the Zagat application or adding a reservations widget through OpenTable on their Main Page. Some clever restaurant owners upload videos of chefs crating the day’s special and post them on their page, allowing visitors to click and view the video. Also, they let people know about their special promotions by posting them. Not just that, they tag friends who tag more friends on a certain post, letting a wide range of people have an access to the information, at the same time providing them with the restaurants location, menu, contact number, reservation options and others.


Facebookers also create special day celebration events like a Mother’s Day Special, Father’s Day Special or just a Thanks God It’s Friday Special, sending out invitations asking people to RSVP on Facebook. This tactic is very as Facebook Events travel from your network of friends, allowing friends of friends have an access to the information. This is a form of viral marketing and really good for spreading the news events.

Not just that, Restaurant owners welcome guests into their establishments handing out small cards asking to “invite me on Facebook”, promising to give discounts and promotions to their patrons. Once the customer sends an invite, the marketer would then be alerted for Birthdays once they’re already “friends” on Facebook. Birthday alerts are used by restaurant marketers to send out promotions for birthdays and offer services for birthday celebrations. Isn’t that smart?

Twitter users use a different tactic. They set up a twitter account, follow people and get those people follow them back as well. Marketers would tweet something like a promotion for the day or a daily deal, offering coupons and discounts for those who would respond on the tweet.

They also link photos, videos and relevant pages on their website and information about the actual location for their followers. For restaurants who have moving franchises or trucks, they rely on tweeter to tweet their location and parked area during the business hours. They post interesting tweets and showcase not only their chefs, food and daily special but they also showcase their awards, accomplishments and the people who work with them. They found out how to use hashtags properly for the higher chances of being found by their customers.

Social Media marketers and advertisers are not just smart but they also use proper applications and utilize social media features smartly. Other tactics are used by other social media users for other sites but it is apparent that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube can help us to expand our business to a variety of ways and are the fastest and freest way to get customers, advertise and promote an establishment.

From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, one thing is abundantly clear — social media is here to stay. Many brands are already interacting with their fans on social networks, and reaping the benefits. If you’re not—now is the time to get involved in social media marketing.


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