Clarity, Catharsis, & Conversion…

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  1. Caleb Graham says:

    I just experienced going from not knowing what Catharsis meant, to learning
    what it meant… And simultaneously for the first time – consciously
    experiencing it – as the realization cascaded through my emotions and made
    me realize what I have been planning for my funnel is in perfect alignment
    with what I need to be doing anyway, amidst a marketplace where not many
    people step out & make a point to create that emotional release or value
    for others before slamming them with their offer… I also realized I come
    back to your channel all the time and all your videos hit me in that way,
    like a literal physiological change in my body. Super deep stuff bro thank
    u so much first of all for your videos but also showing how I can make
    change in others lives the way u do, I have visions of meeting you one day
    soon bro can’t thank you enough for all the wisdom & experience you openly
    share… I love the spiritual deep inner awareness stuff would love to hear
    u expand more on that as far as following your intuition & knowing within
    yourself what you need to implement at a given time, etc.. much love bro!

  2. Melvin Parker says:

    Thank for you this value Daegan….

  3. Steve Troutman says:

    That’s why so many in life fail. Weather it’s online marketing, offline
    business, relationships, career, whatever. Why is the most important
    subject of the success of the human spirit and the goodness of all the ages
    not taught in our school system? We are taught to read, to write and learn
    things and memorize to get good grades. If you have a good memory. That’s
    all you need. Children should be taught how to think and use those
    beautiful talents that could be, and are theirs if only people were taught
    how to dream. How to set goals, taught how to plan for the future of their
    families and to start saving early for retirement. Maybe my calling is to
    teach entrepreneurship and life skills in public schools.

  4. Tara Woodruff says:

    Bam Deagan!! You freakin Rock!!

  5. Caleb Graham says:

    I believe as marketers we are also soul healers 

  6. Cassaundra williams says:

    This is as REAL as it gets!!! Thank you for this video share Daegan! I can
    definitely relate and I am so sure many other business people can as

  7. Rich Miller says:

    Great video and advise, I recommend this video for anyone in business to
    watch..Thanks Daegan!

  8. Marco Moeschter says:

    Great explanation! You nailed it like always on the head. Thanks Deagan

  9. Tara Woodruff says:

    Thanks +Kara Cannavo for Sharing!!

  10. Shaundra Hudson says:

    so much value you give Daegan. Thank you

  11. Gordon Wat says:

    Everything is so true, find what has to be done, and ponder the idea of
    what could I make so that it brings a way to make their life be easier. The
    sooner a person figure this is out they are on the road to success. Thanks

  12. shanellsplace says:

    Marketers Who need guidance WATCH NOW!

  13. inyourfacebitch1000 says:


  14. Shaundra Hudson says:

    To all my internet marketers or business owners. Watch this now.

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