CHURCH: Selection by Choir

Non denominational church invites “BLACK PREACHER’s” Choir to come and sing a selection! But it goes all wrong?!!!??!!! (voice overs by sean plummer. Animation made possible by the sims 2. Two second Introduction and Four second outro performed by the all boys choir at the Royal Albert Hall. www.youtube.com EM Page district choir sings “Sold out” www.youtube.com Have the Church Thugs on the go! Download the Church Thugs FREE Mixtape at: Mixtapepage.com www.mixtapepage.com Purchase The Church Thugs Debut Album at Itunes: itunes.apple.com JOIN THE CHURCH SOCIAL NETWORK! Like us on facebook www.facebook.com Follow Trudy on twitter at twitter.com Follow Choir Director on Twitter at twitter.com Follow Lil Ricky on Twitter at twitter.com Like The Church Thugs On Facebook at www.facebook.com Get more Church Thugs music & information at www.reverbnation.com Sean Terrell Plummer’s Social Network: Like Me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Add me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Follow Sean Terrell on Twitter at twitter.com Hear My Music at www.reverbnation.com
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  1. armand4189 says:

    The choir was jammin! LOL

  2. cenafaye says:

    you betta get it black preacher!

  3. badboi9797 says:


  4. WHOdatCHICK143 says:

    OMG jj Hairston is my uncle

  5. Kriramos says:

    You are incredible!!!!

  6. blessedgirl220 says:

    1:30-1:36-Does Choir Director call THAT dancing??? Lol!!!!

  7. zodiolestes says:

    This is TAME compared to what we did BAREFOOT at Greater Harvest Baptist Church!

  8. zodiolestes says:

    U ain’t NEVER heard of or seen THE HOLY DANCE!?

  9. mzstr8fire says:

    Watts Black Preacher Doinn Now Datt I Thnk Abt It Wat Was Dat Whole Choir Doinn??!? LOL

  10. StarTwynkle says:

    What kind of dance was the choir director doing. Lol!

  11. runnerup109 says:

    1st Lady, hold my mule! AAAAAAGGGHHHHH

  12. ilove2praisehim says:

    Choir Director: You know I am your help by Youthful Praise?

    Keyboard Kid: Yeah we know that one.

    Choir Director: Well we singing Soul’d Out

    Lol that part was funny!

  13. CourtneyRRichardson says:


  14. Antionne Jones says:

    i love how black preacher is enjoying himself and everyone else is looking confused hahaha

  15. ADiamond4AStar says:

    Lololol. Omg. Sounding like the baby lambs choir lol

  16. Emperor961 says:

    Don’t start nuttin up in here! First Lady hold my mule LMBO!!!

  17. ilove2praisehim says:

    thats the pastor LOL!

  18. beautifulcandice601 says:

    lol first lady hold my mule!

  19. beautifulcandice601 says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ dancing

  20. kiedradeankhalifaboo says:

    choir director be gettin it in!!

  21. jazzmac03 says:

    These need to be made into a movie For REAL!!!

  22. BriBThizzin says:

    i am sooooooooooooold out on this lmaoooooo

  23. LilJohn2k11 says:

    Lol, this is funnnnny

  24. Musicm0324 says:

    y didnt they have no support ? lol

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