CHURCH: Black Preacher Offering

A non denominational church needs help raising funds to keep the church going! So the church calls in a long time friend and specialist, to help raise an offering! (voice overs by sean plummer. Animation made possible by the sims 2. Two second Introduction and Four second outro performed by the all boys choir at the Royal Albert Hall. www.youtube.com Have the Church Thugs on the go! Download the Church Thugs FREE Mixtape at: Mixtapepage.com www.mixtapepage.com Purchase The Church Thugs Debut Album at Itunes: itunes.apple.com JOIN THE CHURCH SOCIAL NETWORK! Like us on facebook www.facebook.com Follow Trudy on twitter at twitter.com Follow Choir Director on Twitter at twitter.com Follow Lil Ricky on Twitter at twitter.com Like The Church Thugs On Facebook at www.facebook.com Get more Church Thugs music & information at www.reverbnation.com Sean Terrell Plummer’s Social Network: Like Me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Add me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Follow Sean Terrell on Twitter at twitter.com Hear My Music at www.reverbnation.com
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  1. JonJonSmith124 says:

    COGIC is right

  2. Pinkheartsluv says:

    Lmao black pastors like ik u met ur goal now gimme my cut cause my kid needs some jordans

  3. TorrentesDeFe says:

    ja ja ja

  4. sadiebst says:

    this is so funny. how did Mr. sean plumer did this

  5. ilove2praisehim says:

    Black preacher ” if u feel what I am saying, then u need to get some money out yo ( high note) pocket and ( low note) march on down this aisle” LOL! That was fuumy

  6. feminineandfeisty says:

    Sad but true with most of these black pastors. Some white ones as well.

  7. Dulani3000 says:

    straight cogic

  8. CeeCee3465 says:


  9. keeskid1 says:


  10. tlovebruh says:

    i’m happy you changes the voice, this one wasn’t all that fun. 🙂

  11. natemup says:


  12. pgill61 says:

    Man this is SOOOOOOO like the church world “BLACK CHURCH WORLD” in particular. These are soooo funny i’m suprised sombody hasn’t picked this up for tv. you should pitch it to comedy central

  13. FitnessMinded says:

    This is hilarious and I attend a black church

  14. theepyt08 says:


  15. kingdomking10 says:

    i love kid board kids servant spirit,,,lol hes very obedient to his leader..lol

  16. vision2victoryc says:

    that would be so funny!!!!!

  17. inurinsama15 says:

    You should do black preacher on jury duty. BTW I luv your show!

  18. Jarreau24 says:

    all of these videos are awesome I love it, how do u do this its amazing and so true! be bless, JT

  19. J6STRANGZ says:

    i say knick knack paddy wack give a dog a bone aund aund

  20. alyssacroacia says:

    hilarious! Seriously…what’s that praise break at 1:20

  21. MizzDivineGenius says:

    Im in tears! I love this series! This pastor is too funny, he needa coem to my church loL!

  22. papajakk says:

    These are priceless… Hope anyone doesn’t wear their church heart on their sleeve… this is COMEDY!!! Thanks…

  23. nulosounds says:

    Key board Kid be in the wrong key all the time! LOL!

  24. nulosounds says:

    Key board Kid be in the wrong key all the time!

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