CHURCH: Black Preacher goes to the Movies

Black Preacher goes to the movies with his wife! Meanwhile, his daughter Trudy is on a date! (voice overs by sean plummer. Animation made possible by the sims 2. Two second Introduction performed by the all boys choir at the Royal Albert Hall. www.youtube.com .) Have the Church Thugs on the go! Download the Church Thugs FREE Mixtape at: Mixtapepage.com www.mixtapepage.com Purchase The Church Thugs Debut Album at Itunes: itunes.apple.com JOIN THE CHURCH SOCIAL NETWORK! Like us on facebook www.facebook.com Follow Trudy on twitter at twitter.com Follow Choir Director on Twitter at twitter.com Follow Lil Ricky on Twitter at twitter.com Like The Church Thugs On Facebook at www.facebook.com Get more Church Thugs music & information at www.reverbnation.com Sean Terrell Plummer’s Social Network: Like Me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Add me on Facebook at www.facebook.com Follow Sean Terrell on Twitter at twitter.com Hear My Music at www.reverbnation.com
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  1. seanp1993 says:

    proud to be called Sean Plummer

  2. Follow1D says:

    “One day, the clerk asked me, ‘How do you like your eggs?’ Ugh,..I said I like ’em scrambled with Cheeeeeeeeeese!”

  3. Follow1D says:

    1:28- “Go ahead, Go ahead, do it. I dare ya’.”

  4. Follow1D says:

    “The bible said The girl sha’ll not kiss the bad guy in the movie.”

  5. tomiyaha says:

    Girl the lord worketh in mysterious ways

  6. tomiyaha says:

    the bible says thou shalt not kiss the bad guy in the movie

  7. rickames says:

    Sounds like ‘Dayman Waynans or Katt Williams. I wonder if this guy can preach?

  8. ChanelJanae17 says:

    Where Did Keyboard Kid Get The Piano From

  9. luvanme33333 says:

    this made my day!

  10. tehillah7forchrist says:

    Just remember wheel chairs are easy to buy….lol

  11. ashnicole091 says:

    “yo momma” lmaooo!! Too funny!

  12. beautifulcandice601 says:


  13. beautifulcandice601 says:

    im cryin lol

  14. beautifulcandice601 says:

    lol man

  15. delype says:

    Lol! He told First Lady to run! Lmbo

  16. C00k13L0v3 says:

    I said I like them scrambled with cheeeessssseeeee-ah! LOL

  17. charmalique says:

    How di he manage to take that player piano everywhere he go.

  18. keeskid1 says:


  19. DeDeBoo says:

    oohh myy!! lol!!

  20. Jason Morris says:


  21. J5fan2 says:

    i lik them scarambled wit cheesssssseeeeee oahhhhhhhhh! lol gotta luv him

  22. LeeanaN12 says:

    Go ahead go ahead do it I dare ya… I will cut your legs off right now! i love this vid!

  23. muskiej5 says:

    Where does Black preacher keep comin from? Whats gon happen when she gets married?

  24. muskiej5 says:

    I will cut yo legs off right now

  25. DexMichael says:

    WHERE does this PIANO keep comin from??? LOL!

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